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LG unveils astonishingly thin E6 and G6 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs

Continuing its role as trendsetter in the revolutionary world of OLED display, LG today unveiled its brand new lineup of 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. The new TVs include four new series, for eight new models in all, including the top tier E6 and G6 models, along with the C6 and B6, offering both flat and curved designs.

LG’s new 2016 sets have been locked and loaded with the latest display technologies, including high dynamic range (HDR) with both HDR10 and DolbyVision tech, claiming to be the first of their kind with both certifications. In addition, the new TVs boast 10-bit panels for a wider palette of colors (at 99 percent DCI), along with LG’s Color Prime Pro technology.

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The top of the line comes in the new G6, which is available in both 77 and 65-inch sizes, followed by the E6, available in 65 and 55-inches. The TVs boast extremely thin frames thanks to LG’s new “Picture-on-glass” design. Measuring a stunning 2.57mm in depth (one tenth of an inch), the TVs are thinner than most smartphones, and also boast LG’s translucent glass back.

TVs this thin shouldn’t sound good, but LG has also enhanced its new OLED royalty with built-in sound bar speaker systems, which were developed in partnership with Harman Kardon. The forward direction of the speakers (as opposed to downward) also helps them achieve clearer sound reproduction.

LG Signature OLED G6
Rich Shibley/Digital Trends
Rich Shibley/Digital Trends

The TVs also boast LG’s new version of its intuitive webOS smart platform, webOS 3.0, which includes advanced features to allow users to easily switch between LG’s latest content options to easily move between broadcast TV, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and components like gaming systems. 

“Our 2016 OLED TV lineup features a long list of innovations, such as Picture-on-Glass design and HDR Pro, which are featured prominently in the G6 and E6 models,” said Brian Kwon, President and CEO at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “By upping our OLED TV game every year, we are driving innovation in the TV space so that more consumers will see and hear about the benefits of owning an OLED TV. We think 2016 will be a game changing year for this category.”

While many LED displays have thus far bolstered their HDR sets with blisteringly bright screens, the new OLED lineup relies on its near-perfect black to create richer contrast, utilizing OLED’s ability to shut down light at the pixel level for brilliantly rich colors matched against inky blacks.

The new G6 and E6 TVs match up with the curved C6 and flat B6 for an impressive selection of choices in LG’s burgeoning OLED TV landscape.

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