Alienware “Chills” Quad SLI Aurora ALX

Alienware today said they are looking to put the chill on their hot new Aurora ALX system equipped with Quad Nvidia SLI graphics and have partnered with CoolIT Systems to create a “liquid chilled” solution for the computer’s four GPUs. This recently announced computer has a starting configuration price of around $6,900.

The Aurora ALX system with CoolIT Systems technology, the two companies said, takes the liquid used to cool system components and chills it below ambient temperature to help keep the computer from overheating and provide the “ideal level of cooling for four GPUs”. It also reportedly produces a lower noise level than standard liquid cooling solutions.

“To complement the recent release of the breakthrough Aurora ALX with Quad SLI, Alienware is offering an industry-exclusive Liquid Chilled solution that delivers the best cooling performance on the market,” said Frank Azor, Senior Vice-President and General Manager for Alienware’s Worldwide Product Group, in a statement. “Alienware has yet again developed the Aurora ALX into the ultimate gaming system available by integrating groundbreaking advancements such as Liquid Chilling and four GPUs.”

“CoolIT Systems’ MTEC technology, used to power Alienware’s Liquid Chilled solution, enables even the hottest processors to stay cool,” added CoolIT Systems. “By refrigerating the liquid, MTEC allows heat to be transferred away from the Aurora ALX’s four GPUs, opening the door for unlimited graphics performance.”