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Batman: Arkham Knight is finally ready for PC

warner bros admits defeat and offers refunds to arkham knight pc owners arkhamknight02
Despite being delayed around eight months from its initial fall of 2014 release date, when Batman: Arkham Knight was finally unleashed upon the public in June this year, it was an unmitigated disaster on the PC. The console versions were fine and quite well-received, but the Windows version was a mess, with endless bugs, performance issues and graphical hiccups.

So it was suspended from sale. Delayed, some might say, again. It’s only this week, over a year on from the game’s first intended release date, that PC gamers will finally get the game they may have even preordered back in mid-2014, as it was supposed to be. And new buyers can get a look at it too.

That said, the game has been playable before now. As Techspot points out, the big patch to fix a lot of the problems with the game was released back in September, but it’s only on Oct. 28 that Warner Bros feels confident enough in the game to put it back up for sale again on the PC.

Along with the re-release of Batman Knight on PC, Warner Bros is also releasing a new patch that we’re told brings that version up to date with all of the additional content that has been released on consoles since the game’s original run earlier this year. Some of that content will only be unlocked for those who previously purchased the season pass, though those with only the base game will still receive updates like photo mode for free.

What will be interesting about this whole thing, though, is how much Warner decides to charge potential buyers for a game that is now several months old. If it had been out this whole time, it would likely have dropped into a Steam sale by this point, though perhaps we will see it at full price initially and then discounted during the Christmas period.

What do you think a fair price for Batman: Arkham Knight would be?

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