High-tech April Fools’ jokes to amuse your friends and terrorize your enemies

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Pranks bring people closer together. If you find yourself in an office environment with a lot of computers and people who foolishly trust you, take this opportunity to create some memories. This April Fool’s Day it’s time to retire the jello packets and Post-It notes you keep in your desk and step into the future with high-tech pranks. You can go big by making your victim think you cracked their beloved MacBook or iPhone, or you can go subtle by slowly changing the brightness and contrast throughout the day to make them think they’re losing their vision. All of these tricks can best the people you care about and the people you just met yesterday, at least for a second. If nothing else your antics will bring joy to at least one person, you, and isn’t that the true meaning of April Fool’s Day? Happy pranking!

The “Today is April Fool’s Day?”

Tape on Mouse

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As the name denotes, this is the laziest and easiest prank on the list. It takes absolutely not time at all. For beginning pranksters only.

Step 1 Find clear tape or a sticky note.

Step 2 Put it over the laser on your victim’s mouse.

Step 3 Enjoy the frustration.

This is the modern day version of stealing the ball from someone’s mouse. It’s an easy thing to figure out, so don’t expect all day laughs.

The Ghost Mouse

You will need two identical wireless mice and the desire to confuse a friend.

Step 1 Replace their mouse with one that looks exactly like it.

Step 2 Take the actual mouse to your desk and wreck mayhem.

Step 3 Enjoy as the confusion eats away at them.

There are two ways to execute this prank. You can move it around wildly so they catch on immediately and you both chuckle. Or you can watch them very carefully and work to move when they move, only messing up every so slightly. It is up to you how much time you want to put into this particular joke.

The Broken Screen Surprise

Broken Screen Prank

This shouldn’t have to be said, but don’t actually break someone’s screen. There’s an app for that.

Step 1 Get a hold of your friend’s phone.

Step 2 Download the broken screen app for iOS or Android.

Step 3 Tell them you accidentally dropped their phone and see the reaction.

You will have to know their password to download the app so start work on that well before April Fool’s Day. You can also do this with a computer by downloading wallpaper. The perceived loss of property could lead to some unpleasant reactions, so only try this on your most mellow of friends.

Pointer Problems

Another mouse prank will test the patience of those around you.

Step 1 Open the control panel on your computer.

Step 2 Find the “Mouse” settings.

Step 3 Change the icon from a pointer to an hourglass or rainbow wheel of death.

Your victim will think something is continuously loading on their computer even though nothing is happening. This will soon turn into a psychological study of your desk mates when you see how long they will wait for something to happen. You can also change the direction of the mouse so it goes the wrong way no matter what they do. That is equally as enjoyable.

The Ultimate Prank Call


Prank calling is a time-honored tradition among teenagers who have nothing better to do on a Saturday night. Keep that inner child alive, but in a more sophisticated way by using PrankDial.

Step 1 Pick a call you would like your friend to receive multiple times in a day. Choices include “Delivery cancellation,” “Cable guy,” and “You hit my car.”

Step 2 Enter their number.

Step 3 Giggle as they get multiple calls from mysterious places that actually pause for responses.

This requires a little effort but makes it harder to pin down the culprit since you’re going through a third party. Be careful with this prank. Only do it on someone who can handle getting yelled at by strangers on the phone.

The Sneaky Bluetooth

Jim Halpert from The Office gave us many great pranks throughout the years, but only one can be considered high tech, and that is the sneaky bluetooth.

Step 1 Get a Bluetooth ear piece compatible with your neighbor’s phone.

Step 2 When they leave the room, pair your Bluetooth to their phone. Check out our guide to pairing a Bluetooth if needed.

Step 3 Answer whenever someone calls them.

Be aware that you could end up talking with their mother or significant other, so answer with caution.

The Restart Me Not

Redirect Prank

Ever watch your friend try to open Chrome or Word and instead shut down their computer? Well you’re about to and it will be glorious.

Step 1 Right click whichever icon you think will do the most damage.

Step 2 Click on Edit Properties.

Step 3 Change Target to “%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00”

It’s always fun to see how many times it takes someone to realize something is off with the computer, and they didn’t just make a mistake.

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