Best Windows 8 Apps

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fotorLooking to touch up a photo? You’ve found your app. Fotor is a simple image editing app designed to make small edits to photos or add attractive extras, like borders or filters. There’s not much to it, but that’s the point. The interface is clean and features are easy to find, so almost anyone can start cropping within seconds. Fotor is available for free here.

Fresh Pain

freshpaintThis app is a creative program that lets you virtually paint an existing outline or a fresh canvas. Though usable on non-touch systems, the app’s spacious interface is clearly designed with touch in mind. Fresh Paint seems to focus on children (the app sells design packs which can then be colored, and most of these are cartoons), but a creative mind can start with a blank canvas and go wild. Fresh Paint is free, though the design packs are not. Download it here.

Perfect 36

perfect365Many may think this app, which promises to give you a virtual makeover, is a bit silly; but think again. Though many of the advanced options are built around makeup (you can apply lipstick, eye shadow, etc.), the basic functionality is useful for anyone who wants to clean up a crappy photo. You can brighten your face, remove circles from your eyes, get rid of dry skin, and more. This app does a good job of correcting the dark, blotchy look most laptop webcams inflict on self-portraits. Perfect365 is available free of charge here.

Anna Washenko also contributed to this story.

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