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It’s priced for a home office, but this Canon all-in-one prints like a pro

Canon's imageClass MF275dw is a nice-looking home office printer.
Canon imageClass MF275dw
MSRP $210.00
“From its rapid-fire printing to its reliable document feeder, everything about the Canon imageClass MF275dw makes your workload lighter.”
  • Fast printing, scanning, document feeding
  • 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • Generous starter toner, pre-installed
  • Low cost per page
  • Taller than most all-in-ones
  • Grainy photos

Canon’s imageClass MF275dw is an all-in-one plus fax that boasts the reliability and efficiency of a black-and-white laser printer and surprisingly quick speed at a budget-friendly price.

If you’re looking for a top-rated all-in-one printer and chose a monochrome laser printer, it’s clear you want to optimize productivity. That means the printer should have a low cost per page, ease of use, and good print speed, without sacrificing quality.

I took my time testing the imageClass MF275dw’s printing, scanning, and copying to ensure it offers good value as well as a budget-friendly price.

Canon imageClass MF275dw: design

The Canon imageClass MF275dw is tall but has a small footprint.
The Canon imageClass MF275dw is tall but has a small footprint, Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The Canon imageClass MF275dw is a nice-looking office printer in classic black. It has rounded corners and a satiny sheen, with a center panel that can be angled up for use while standing. It features a six-line monochrome 3.5-inch touchscreen, a number pad for fax use, and clearly marked buttons to simplify operation.

You’ll never have to wonder when it goes to sleep because an energy-saver button lights up at the top right to let you know. Touch that button or the home button to wake the printer for scanning or copying.

It looks big initially because of its 14.4-inch height, but it has a small footprint at 15.4 by 14.6 inches. With the paper tray extended, the depth increases to 19 inches. Weight is just 24.7 pounds, so it’s easy to set up and move around.

The line in and out phone plugs for fax use are at the right rear, which makes them accessible but convenient for routing. The USB plug is at the back.

The paper tray and output bin both live on the front of the printer. An automatic document feeder (ADF), and flatbed scanner up top are well thought out and easy to access.

Canon imageClass MF275dw: printing performance

Canon's imageClass MF275dw has quick and efficient duplex printing.
Canon’s imageClass MF275dw has quick and efficient duplex printing. Photo by Tracey Truly

The Canon imageClass MF275dw is very fast for a low-cost printer. Laser printers are typically faster than inkjets, but this printer is really quick. Thirty pages per minute equate to two seconds per page. It’s almost as if I blink, and the page is there, waiting for me to pick up.

It’s not instantaneous, but the first page takes just 5.3 seconds, then kicks into high gear for the rest of the document. If you’re in a rush on a large print job, that speed will make a significant difference.

Text quality is excellent, even at the default speed. The Canon imageClass MF275dw is a great printer for documents and labels. It can print on a variety of paper and envelope sizes. It can also handle weights of up to 65-pound bond, a thick paper used for covers.

The imageClass MF275dw has several print adjustments that can help.
The imageClass MF275dw has several print adjustments that can help. Photo by Tracey Truly

There are several menu options to fine-tune printing, and setting the imageClass MF275dw to high-quality and adjusting density to compensate for dark images helps with black-and-white photo prints. Still, pictures are noticeably grainy.

Canon imageClass MF275dw: special features

Canon's imageClass MF275dw has a large touchscreen that and adjustable control panel.
Canon’s imageClass MF275dw has a large touchscreen and adjustable control panel. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The Canon imageClass MF275dw is an all-in-one laser printer with fax capability. Operation is quick and intuitive with the large touchscreen, via a computer, or the mobile app.

Right out of the box, the starter toner cartridge was pre-installed and ready to print. Setup was easy using the large touchscreen. Once Wi-Fi was connected, all of my devices quickly recognized the Canon imageClass MF275dw.

The flatbed scanner feels like an office copier, with robust hinges that move smoothly and without noise. The document feeder and printer are hassle-free even when copying two-sided documents.

Canon's imageClass MF275dw has a reliable automatic feeder that can copy double-sided documents.
Canon’s imageClass MF275dw has a reliable automatic feeder that can copy double-sided documents. Photo by Tracey Truly

Everything about copying and scanning is speedy and efficient. It just works. That’s not always true of budget all-in-one printers. Canon didn’t cut corners on the imageClass MF275dw, and the ADF is very reliable.

I couldn’t test the fax feature since I don’t have a landline. If you don’t need a fax, you can save $10 by choosing the imageClass MF273dw. It’s nearly the same printer but lacks fax capability and has a slightly smaller five-line display.

Canon imageClass MF275dw: software and compatibility

The Canon Print mobile app includes a smartphone document scan feature.
The Canon Print mobile app includes a smartphone document scan feature. Digital Trends

The imageClass MF275dw works with the Canon Print app, which is available for iOS and Android. It makes it easy to print or scan to your mobile device wirelessly.

There’s also a smartphone copy feature to capture a document, correct the perspective, and print without visiting the printer. However, you must connect to the same Wi-Fi network to send the data to the printer. The iPhone and Android phones have plenty of document scanner apps, but it’s nice that Canon included one for convenience.

After installing Canon’s drivers and optional utilities, printing and scanning from Windows and macOS is simple. There’s a USB port if you prefer a direct connection. If you use a USB cable, you can enable printer sharing in Windows to access the imageClass MF275dw from other devices.

Canon imageClass MF275dw: value

The imageClass MF275dw's toner is easily accessible and lasts a long time.
The imageClass MF275dw’s toner is easily accessible and lasts a long time. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

At $210, the Canon imageClass MF275dw has a nice, low price while delivering great value. It’s also a quick, efficient printer with fast scanning and copying capabilities.

As a black-and-white laser printer, the imageClass MF275dw’s running costs are minimal. It comes with enough toner to print 700 pages. When it is time for a replacement, the standard cartridge provides 1,200 pages for $51, while the high-capacity cartridge lasts up to 2,500 pages for $84.

Toner costs range from $0.03 to $0.04 per page. That means the imageClass MF275dw starts at a low price and keeps providing good value over time.

Is this the printer for you?

The Canon imageClass MF275dw printer is a good choice if you’re working from home, and the performance is good enough for a small office.

If you need color, an inkjet or color laser printer would be necessary. We have guides to help you find the best color laser and best inkjet printers.

Document quality is excellent, but pictures will look grainy. Everything about this all-in-one is fast and easy. Scanning, copying, and printing work quickly and with no fuss to simplify a heavy workload.

We recommend the Canon imageClass MF275dw for anyone looking for a low-cost all-in-one printer with a built-in fax feature.

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