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Dell’s 30-inch, 4K OLED monitor is set to rise again — $1,500 cheaper

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Although Dell purportedly had a lot of difficulties producing the super-sized, 30-inch, 4K OLED panel it talked about at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, the UP3017Q is going to go on sale after all. We heard very little about the high-end display since its unveiling, and earlier this year we thought it had been canceled. Not so, it seems, as Dell is going to sell it after all –and will do so much cheaper than originally planned.

The Dell UP3017Q OLED display first made its appearance at last year’s CES and was an impressive sight. At the time, it had a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, a response time of 0.1ms, a refresh rate of 120Hz, and 100 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB color space. Most of that hasn’t changed, though the refresh rate has now been dropped.

Despite all those high-end specs, there was said to be a problem with color drift at certain angles. But now Dell has begun shipping the display with a price tag of $3,500 too, which is $1,500 less than the originally stated price.

You can order one of these monitors right now from Dell’s official site and earn up to $210 back in rewards, so theoretically you could pick it up for a little over $3,000. There are also the typical financing options if you want to spread the cost a little.

The official specifications are much the same as originally detailed. The listing has it as a 30-inch OLED panel at 4K resolution (3840 x 2160). It only operates at 60Hz now, but has a huge 1 million-to-1 contrast ratio and a response time as low as 0.1ms. The pixel density is said to be 147PPI.

Connectivity wise it comes with an HDMI 2.0 connector, a single mini DisplayPort 1.2 connector and a USB Type-C port.

For anyone concerned about the potential for problems with this display, Dell is also offering a three-year advanced exchange service with its Premium Panel Guarantee and Dell ProSupport, which are included as standard.

The original story about this monitor that suggested it had serious issues, was broken by Les Numériques (via TechReport). Color drift on these sort of panels is something we’ve heard about before in relation to OLED technology and is likely one of the reasons that we have seen so few larger-sized OLED monitors in recent years.

Still, it seems Dell figured out a way around the problem and it didn’t involve raising the price tag either. If you want to spend upward of $5,000 on a Dell panel though, we saw some that fit the bill at CES 2017, including Dell’s brand-new 8K, 32-inch monitor.

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