Dell to use AMD, ATI Acquisition Justified

Since the merger was announced, Lenovo’s Think Center product added AMD elements. This is the old IBM PC division which had not previously used AMD at all and this line remains an enterprise line.    Now Dell has taken AMD products into their Dimension desktop line. While this line is targeted at consumers and small business customers, it represents the first time AMD has broken into any Dell PC and also came after the ATI acquisition.     These both, once again, showcase why AMD needed to have a complete in-house solution so they could provide a solution acceptable to business PC sellers. Without the ATI acquisition AMD didn’t have a solution that was compelling enough to justify an alternative to what Intel offered.    For those that doubted the benefits of the merger, AMD (before the merger has even been fully approved) has acquired two new large multi-national customers in the face of the most powerful Intel technology from that company in years. That is about as strong a justification as we are likely to get for this kind of thing.    Related News: