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Dell’s XPS 15 now comes in Arctic White, and it’s seriously gorgeous

I was already a big fan of the Dell XPS 15. It’s a supremely powerful and sleek 15-inch laptop. The black-and-silver finish was undoubtedly conservative, though, and it was the only color option.

This new Arctic White version, though? Now there’s a laptop that’ll stand out from the crowd.

Dell introduced the color with its XPS 13, which has been around for years. As it’s slowly become a popular option, Dell has finally brought that striking color scheme to the XPS 15. The lid is still silver, though it’s a lighter “Frost White” silver that better matches the white of the interior.

White laptops used to be more common, but they were always made out of glossy plastic. Once laptop design moved toward more premium materials such as aluminum, silver and black became the default color options. You’re not alone if you think that’s grown boring.

That’s what makes this new version of the XPS 15 so appealing. As one of the only white laptops available, the XPS 15 feels refreshing. Laptops like the bright blue Samsung Galaxy Flex are bold, but they often feel too gaudy or desperate for attention for my tastes.

Painting a piece of aluminum white isn’t feasible, both from a reliability and production standpoint. Dell has always sidestepped that problem by using its patented woven glass carbon fiber material. It’s a mix of fabrics and materials that combines to be a unique and durable surface.

As it turns out, it’s also a better material to paint white. Over the years, Dell has been outspoken about the durability of its coloring process. A scratch or spill isn’t going to rub away the white, which is the first concern people have about the color. That’s especially important on the palm rests, which are stressed more than any other part of the laptop.

This white model is available as a $50 upgrade to the standard XPS 15, which is similar to how Dell sells the XPS 13. It’s also only available in a variety of configurations, primarily focused on the higher-end models. Dell says the new color option should be available sometime this summer.

There’s no word from Dell yet on whether this new color will eventually become an option for the larger XPS 17, but I’m crossing my fingers.

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