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Be kind to your wrist with this new Delux Vertical Mouse on Indiegogo

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When it comes to your workstation, we’ve paid plenty of heed to your back (with ergonomic chairs), to your eyes (with monitors that are growing ever larger), and even to your legs (with standing desks). But we haven’t paid all that much attention to your wrist. And given the sheer volume of work your wrist does for you on a daily basis — what with typing and moving a mouse around, it seems like high time we addressed this overlooked body part. And we can start with the Delux Vertical Mouse.

Now available on Indiegogo, this wireless device may not look like a mouse, but that could be because we’ve been thinking of mice all wrong for the last several years. Meant to reduce pain over the course of a long workday (or, let’s be honest, a long day of gaming), this vertical mouse features an interesting upright design that molds to the natural shape of your hand.

Completely wireless and promising an intuitive grip, the Delux also claims to connect quickly and easily to all your mobile devices, making it a sensible choice for your home, office, and going in between. The mouse features a 500Hz polling rate, and 4,000DPI (which will come in handy for gamers).

And although the design of the Delux may seem unfamiliar at first, its makers say that the mouse features all the same functions and features as more standard devices. “It’s hard to change your using habits, and we’d like to keep those [same] buttons for you,” the team notes on its Indiegogo page. You can still click left and right, scroll with a wheel, and go up or down on a page. The mouse also promises to track on virtually any surface, so you don’t have to bother with a mousepad (unless you just really want one).

You can pre-order a Delux Vertical Mouse now from Indiegogo for $56, with an estimated shipment sometime in August.

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