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The Orb smart light reflects your many moods, now on Indiegogo

If you’re going to call it “mood lighting,” it ought to be as dynamic as your actual moods, right? And if you don’t have just a few settings, why should your lightbulb? Danish company Shade is here to answer that question with a new product launched today on Indiegogo — it’s called The Orb, and it’s described as a “next-generation smart light that gives its users complete control over intensity, color, and temperature to shape the ambiance within their homes.”

Promising a simple installation process and an intuitive user experience, The Orb just may be the lightbulb you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re looking to create soft, warm tones with which to start your day, or set up a more work-like lighting environment to help you boost your productivity, you’ve complete control over your lighting environment with this new smart light.

The secret, the team says, lies in the light’s “revolutionary use of zones.” The directional lighting The Orb offers lets the lightbulb focus upon and accentuate different parts of a room, creating different light settings. And thanks to its light output of 1,900 lumens, along with its five different-colored LEDs, you ought to be able to create your desired lighting effect, no matter what it is. The Orb comes with six predefined settings that, along with direction, intensity, color and temperature, can be controlled through the companion Shade app.

“At Shade, we want to change our relationship with the simple light bulb. For too long, companies have settled for an idea that hasn’t much evolved beyond what Thomas Edison first envisaged all those years ago,” said co-founder Bo Puggaard Hansen, “We’ve been forced to make do with whatever static lighting we have, adjusting our habits to each room’s light, instead of adjusting its light to our needs. We’re working tirelessly to share our vision with the world, and are excited to give people complete control of the atmosphere in any room.”

You can pre-order The Orb on Indiegogo at the early bird price of $158, with an expected delivery date of December 2017.

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