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Fitbit issues a patch that should fix tracking issues for its Charge 2 wearable

Fitbit has released a pair of patches to shore up issues with its Charge 2 fitness tracker. One of them was related to a problem that the connected GPS had in correctly tracking different movement modes, such as walking and hiking, while another caused difficulties with tracking treadmill running.

“These software errors caused the tracker to occasionally calculate stats like pace and distance with less precision than we expect from our products,” a spokesperson for Fitbit said in a chat with The Verge. “We corrected these issues through a free software upgrade available to all Charge 2 users.”

Fortunately for anyone who went out to buy the new fitness tracker a few weeks ago, the patch to fix both of them is already available. That is one of the big advantages of these sorts of connected devices — getting fixes to them is incredibly quick and easy. Thanks to Fitbit’s speedy response, users haven’t had to suffer with inaccurate tracking for long.

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When we took a look at Fitbit’s new lineup of trackers at the end of August, we didn’t spot any particularly glaring tracking issues ourselves. We actually found the Charge 2 to be a really attractive design, with the useful ability to remove straps and a long battery life. We weren’t quite so thrilled with its lack of battery status indicator, or the fact that the taps and gesture-based wake-ups could occasionally be a little difficult to get right.

Still, as with these recent tracking issues, those are aspects of the fitness tracker that we can expect to see improved in the future. Fitbit has not only responded in a speedy fashion, but wants people to know that moving forward the Charge 2 and its other recent wearable releases will continue to receive updates.

Are any of you guys big fans of Fitbit’s fitness trackers?

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