Switch to Windows 10 dark mode in seconds with our guide

how to enable dark mode in windows 10 xps

Do you wish that Windows 10 was a little more… black? The built-in dark mode literally turns your windows black, changes the text and icons to lighter colors, and makes everything appear more shadowy. If you prefer to work with darker tones, or simply like the contrasting appearance afforded by dark mode, we’ll show you how to active the feature with a few simple step. Read on to find out how.

Dark mode: Here’s the deal

In earlier builds, there was a rumor of a developer-only “dark mode” that turned all the Windows 10 colors to black and inverted the text. This dark setting wasn’t available in consumer builds of Windows, however, so users started looking for specific commands and coding to implement this hidden, ultra-black theme. This all changed with the Windows 10 Anniversary update, which added a method to switch to dark mode at will. The only thing this affects is the color of the operating system, specifically:

  • The windows you open default to a black background and white letters.
  • Your Start menu and taskbar will turn dark if you had them set to a different color previously (subject to change in color settings).
  • UWP — Universal Windows Platform — apps will usually recognize this setting and switch their various backgrounds to black.
  • It’s a bit harder to find your way around the edges of windows, though accent colors can help.
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