How to enable dark mode in Windows 10

Trying to work early in the morning with a bright computer screen can often feel like a shock to the system. Even if you have the brightness level turned down, some laptops just feel too bright for certain times of the day. This is where dark mode comes in.

Besides giving your eyes a break, enabling dark mode on a system such as Windows 10 can also potentially help preserve the life of your battery.

Turning on Windows 10 dark mode

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In the Windows 10 October 2018 update, Microsoft expanded the dark theme to include all parts of File Explorer. This expansion means things will get much more vibrant when you enable dark mode. Here’s how you can enable it in the most recent version of Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to Windows 10 Settings. You can either type it into the Windows search bar or click the Gear icon in the Start menu.

Step 2: Head to Personalization, which features an icon of a paintbrush over a computer monitor.

Step 3: When the window opens, click Colors in the left-hand sidebar.

Step 4: Scroll to the middle of the page, and look for the section that says Choose Your Default Windows Mode. You’ll then want to click on the option that says Choose Your Color. Choose the option that says Dark.

Step 5: This step is optional, but you can also pick an accent color. Scroll up to the color palette at the top of the Colors window. With dark mode activated, the accent color is even more essential to help you find the boundaries of Windows and locate where everything is at a glance.

Windows 10 Colors

We advise you to steer away from the very dark colors, like the dark greens and grays, as they are more challenging to spot. The lighter, more noticeable colors are generally a better bet. The reds are particularly edgy, while the blues add the most visibility. Changes are instant, so feel free to click around until you find a color that works.

Everyone has a favorite color and combinations of colors that they like best. It’s a part of their personality, which is why developers build customer color preferences into most apps. If the colors used in an app’s don’t fit your particular style – never fear – it’s fixable. In every app’s native settings, there are options to change the theme or color mode.

Bonus tip: Activate dark mode in Microsoft Office

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Dark mode offers users a choice to lower the intensity of their Microsoft Office experience. This is ideal for when you need to work in low-light environments where you might disturb others with screen glare. Some users also find using dark mode to be easier on the eyes.

Those aren’t the only reasons for giving dark mode a try. Many users find Microsoft Office’s option for darkened office tools is exciting. To activate, head over to the File tab and select Options in the General part of the sidebar. Once in this section, look for the heading labeled “Personalize Your Copy of Microsoft Office.”
One of the final choices you’ll see here is the “Office Theme” option. Choose this, and set it to black for dark mode.

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