Tired of Twitch? Here's how to stream on Microsoft's Mixer

How to stream on Mixer

Microsoft made an interesting move in August 2016 when it acquired interactive livestreaming service Beam. The purchase seemingly cemented the company’s promise to better support its revenue-generating gaming customers, a promise that saw an integration of game broadcasting in the Creators Update for Windows 10. Microsoft renamed the service to Mixer in May 2017 while injecting it with new features. Here’s our handy guide on how to stream on Mixer.

Creating an account

Chances are, you’re reading this guide on a Windows 10 PC. That makes the process of creating a Mixer account easier given that Microsoft owns the service. When you hit the “Sign Up” button, a window will appear sporting a “Sign up with your Microsoft account” button. Click on it, and provide the credentials that you use to sign into Windows 10 (if you use a Microsoft account), or the Xbox One console.

how to stream on mixer

Once that’s done, your Windows 10 PC and Xbox One are automatically linked to Mixer, and ready to stream to the service. You won’t need to provide any stream keys – unique numbers that ties your broadcast channel to the output of your software – unless you option to use third-party software instead of the integrated tools in Windows 10 and Xbox One.

One factor we’d like to point out is that although Mixer is free to use, there is a “premium” version for $8 per month. This subscription provides you with premium technical support, early access to new features, the removal of advertisements, and a 2x experience (EXP) multiplier. This EXP system is means for unlocking new features — the more you watch and broadcast, the more features you can unlock.

In addition to experience points, you generate an on-site currency called “sparks” when you stream or watch another broadcast on Mixer. This virtual currency can be used to enable games like Minecraft, purchase apps created by the Mixer community, and even create a team from a group of friends who stream together.

how to stream on mixer

Outside the broadcasting aspect of your new Mixer channel, the customization portion is limited to setting your avatar, your channel intro, and adding social profiles. Your account also provides an analytics section for viewing your broadcasting statistics, such as the number of followers, how many views you’ve raked in, and the number of hours streamed. The “Your Network” section simply lists all the broadcasters you’re following.

How to stream on Mixer

That all said, it’s time to broadcast!

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