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How to update Google Chrome

Since its release in 2008, Google Chrome has remained one of the most popular web browsers for its ease of use, G-Suite integration, and superb performance across multiple platforms. Created as part of the Google Chromium Project, the open-source project launched Google Chrome as a web browser that’s free for anyone to try or use and enjoys internet-wide compatibility. Anyone with a Google email address (i.e., almost anyone with an internet connection) can seamlessly sync and personalize their account with Chrome for an optimized and familiar experience. You can also import bookmarks and settings from your previous browser, set your name and picture for your Chrome account, or open a new link to manage your Google account features directly.

Google Chrome also offers features to save you time and effort, including managing logins, checking for password breaches, offering several means of making and securing online transactions, and saving and auto-filling address information. Chrome also offers an awe-inspiring collection of extensions to keep you connected to your favorite apps and services. Of course, none of these incredible features will do you any good if your version of Chrome is out-of-date and unable to function properly. Learn how to update Google Chrome quickly and easily on your PC, iOS, or Android device and get back to surfing the internet in no time!

How to update Google Chrome on your PC

Step 1: Open Chrome and select the three vertical dots to open the Settings menu.

Image of Google Chrome Settings Menu
Daniel Martin/Screenshot

Step 2: Select Safety Check and Chrome will check to see if updates are required and install them if need be.

Image of Google Chrome Safety Check Menu
Daniel Martin/Screenshot

How to update Google Chrome on your iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Open the App Store and tap your Profile in the top right.

Step 2: Select Available Updates and search for Chrome.

Image of Apple App Store Available Updates Section

Step 3: Should you see Chrome listed, tap Update to install and enter your Apple ID password, if asked.

How to update Google Chrome on your Android device

Note that users of Chrome 76 and above should open Chrome on their device. Tap More > Update Chrome and restart the app.

Step 1: Open the Play Store app and tap Menu > My Apps & Games.

Google Play android app screenshot

Step 2: Under the Updates tab and then under the Updates Pending header, find Chrome (if it is listed), and then tap Update.

Google Play update screenshot 2

Note: Chrome will only be listed if there is an update available for it and the update hasn’t already been installed.

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