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Microsoft tests new privacy settings interface in latest Windows Insider build

Windows Insider

A new build for Windows Insiders is available for participants in the Fast ring, bringing Windows 10 to version 17115. As the Redstone 4 update nears a public release, Insiders are now mostly seeing general changes, improvements, and fixes to Windows 10. But for this build, Microsoft made changes to the privacy settings screen along with adding two new privacy settings: “Inking & Typing” and “Find My Device.” 

But here is the kicker: Not all Windows Insiders will see the same revision to the privacy settings interface. As shown above, one batch can customize all settings through a single window, with Inking and Typing, Find My Device and more listed as independent selections. A second batch of Insiders will still see a new privacy settings window, but the actual settings will be divided up into seven individual screens. 

“In this example, Find My Device is shown on its own screen during setup,” the company says. “Microsoft recommends selecting ‘Yes,’ depicted by the dotted line box, to allow us to use the device’s location data to help the customer find the device if it’s lost.” 

This group will also see Inking and Typing as a separate screen. This setting only deals with data related to the recognition aspect that’s sent to Microsoft for improving language recognition along with “suggestion capabilities of apps and services running on Windows.” Either choose “Yes” to send that data to Microsoft or choose “No.” 

The point of offering two new privacy window interfaces is to receive feedback on both and use the more popular design in the final Redstone 4 build (Spring Creators Update). But whether Insiders favor the all-in-one-window setup or love trolling through seven different screens, the location of the final product will not change, residing at “Start > Settings > Privacy.”

Microsoft’s Redstone 4 update arrives this spring, but so far Microsoft hasn’t provided a solid release date, nor has it officially given this update a name. Redstone 4 is simply a code name used by Microsoft, and the company has already moved on to its Redstone 5 update slated to hit Windows 10 later this year. The Redstone naming began with Anniversary Update in August 2016 followed by Creators Update (Redstone 2) and Fall Creators Update (Redstone 3). The company is expected to simply go with Spring Creators Update for Redstone 4. 

As for the remainder of Build 17115, the notes only list 13 fixes to the platform as Microsoft works out the final kinks prior to the official spring launch. Two pertain to Windows Mixed Reality: One bug that caused a sub-10FPS framerate and one that caused the platform from working after a startup crash. Another fix addresses a problem preventing users from interacting with the Timeline scrollbar using touch. 

“This week we have 50 Windows Insider MVPs on campus as a part of the global MVP Summit,” Insider lead Dona Sarkar said. “It’s been a pleasure to get face-to-face time with some of our biggest advocates as well as the people who help the overall Windows community the most.” 

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