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LG may show off a new 38-inch monster of a gaming monitor at CES 2019

LG teased a new 38-inch gaming monitor that it will debut for the first time at CES 2019. It’s an ultrawide, curved display that combines a high resolution with high refresh rate and Nvidia’s G-Sync technology to tick just about all the boxes a gamer might want. At these sorts of specs, though, you need a powerful graphics card to put out good framerates.

Curved displays and ultrawide monitors aren’t for everyone, but the ones that are good are really good. There is very little like playing a fast-paced game on a huge monitor that envelopes your field of view because it makes the experience so immersive. LG will expand its range of such displays at CES 2019 with the 38GL950G, which has everything an Nvidia gamer will need.

The new screen sports a resolution of 3,840 x 1,600 and a refresh rate up to 144Hz for high-speed gaming. Although such frame rates tend to avoid stuttering, if you do encounter some and have an Nvidia graphics card in your system, the G-Sync frame synchronizing technology will even it out. It has a fast response time of just 2ms too, so there won’t be any ghosting on even the fastest of fast-paced titles.

That’s quite an achievement, too, since this is an IPS panel. That will mean greater color depth and contrast as well as a wider viewing angle. The brightness is reportedly 450 nits, as per AnandTech, which is much higher than most gaming screens.

Making sure that it doesn’t fall down anywhere in its specifications, LG claims that this display will also be able to deliver as much as 98 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut, which should mean its colors are relatively accurate and broadly supported. We don’t know what other important stats like contrast ratio or how extreme its curvature is as of yet, but as HotHardware suggests, we will learn more when CES rolls around on January 8.

We will also be hoping for pricing and availability information then, too, as both are lacking as it stands. High-resolution displays that also sport high refresh rates have typically been rather expensive. The first 4K, 144Hz panels started showing up in early 2018 and their price tags are regularly well north of $1,000, some as high as $2,000. The new LG display may not be that much, but G-Sync displays do tend to come at a premium, so it won’t be cheap.

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