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Logitech’s new Bluetooth keyboard can quickly switch between up to three devices

logitech multi device bluetooth keyboard and mouse m535 k380 photo
Logitech has just announced a new Bluetooth keyboard and mouse called the K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and the M535 Bluetooth Mouse. They are designed to work with any devices, whether full-sized PCs or smaller, more portable ones like smartphones and tablets.

Starting with the K380 keyboard, Logitech has built it with the capability of connecting to three different devices at a time. Users can quickly switch between them with what Logitech calls the Easy-Switch button. It designed the keyboard so that when it switches between devices it will automatically recognize it and map keys that support its functions.

The keyboard is a little on the smaller size, which makes sense since Logitech is aiming for portability. As such, it doesn’t have a full number pad, so users who need that for the type of work they’re doing will probably want to look elsewhere. Also, the keys on the keyboard are round, which is a little different from most models out there and might take some adjusting.

As for the mouse, it offers standard features such as a scroll wheel, left and right buttons, and so on. It also features additional programmable buttons that can perform more advanced functions such as changing between desktops, launching mission control on a Mac, and switching apps. Because the mouse is meant to switch to multiple devices and be used all over the place, Logitech promises that it will track accurately on almost any surface. It also has a curved shape and rubber texture that should make it comfortable to use for extended periods.

The keyboard will be available worldwide, launching in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and the U.S. in September, and in Latin America in October. Both will feature an MSRP of $39.99. The devices aren’t sold in a pair as they’re completely separate and meant to function on their own.

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