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Laptop sleeve, or backpack? The $30 Lowepro SleevePack is both

Laptop sleeves keep dings and scratches away, but short of tossing them into another bag, they don’t leave too many other carrying options. One tech bag company is working to change that with the Lowepro SleevePack 13, a padded laptop sleeve that unfolds into a lightweight travel backpack.  Announced on Tuesday, July 18, the new sleeve is designed to add versatility to the traditional laptop protection.

Designed to fit 13-inch laptops, the SleevePack has both a main compartment and a second padded dual pocket. The backpack portion itself is tucked away in a pocket, with the converting instructions stamped on the outside. The backpack cover pulls out of the pocket and around the sides of the laptop, zipping closed at the top.

“Versatility is a priority for today’s consumer, whether it’s someone traveling on business, commuting to and from work each day, or spending some time at the coffee shop and making a few stops along the way home,” said Michelle Erbs, marketing director for Lowepro. “The SleevePack is designed to solve the common challenge of efficient laptop storage and transportation by quickly converting from sleeve to backpack with additional storage space for items other than a laptop. It’s a simple and novel concept at the same time.”

In backpack form, the SleevePack uses adjustable straps and includes a front compartment for storing extras alongside that jacket. The two padded pockets remain intact with the bag unfolded as a backpack, with the straps offering adjustable length for more comfort.

The bag is made from polyester, while lightweight, high density foam creates the extra protection in the padded sleeves. As a backpack, the bag measures 15.75 inches tall, with a width of almost 11.5 inches and a depth of about seven inches. As a laptop sleeve, the SleevePack measures 13.78 inches for those 13-inch laptops, with a .79 inch depth and 9.84 inch width. Despite the bag’s dual design, the pack weighs in at less than half a pound.

2017 marks Lowepro’s 50th year in business. The California-based company specializes in backpacks, cases and camera bags.

The Lowepro SleevePack 13 will be available in black, red, blue, or orange, retailing for about $30.

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