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Microsoft loops Adobe into Spartan browser project

microsoft loops adobe spartan web browser project spartanbrowser
Microsoft is now working with third-party software developers to improve its upcoming browser, code-named “Spartan.” The company recently brought in Adobe to help with the project, and it is one of many businesses expected to contribute code.

“The [Adobe] team contributes in the areas of layout, typography, graphic design and motion, with significant commits to the Web platform,” Bogdan Brinza, program manager of “Project Spartan” wrote in a blog post. “Adobe engineers Rik Cabanier, Max Vujovic, Sylvain Galineau, and Ethan Malasky have provided contributions in partnership with engineers on the IE team.”

Rumors of the end of Internet Explorer took hold of the Web last week, despite the fact that Microsoft had not released any substantial information confirming its elimination, according to On March 23, the IE team announced the development of two new updates in the Enterprise Site Discovery options for users, showing that it may not be the end after all.

Adobe marked its first contribution landing in the March update of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. You might expect the company’s involvement to have something to do with Flash, but instead it developed a feature for CSS gradient midpoints, which can now be viewed on a demo page.

Brinza continued to write in his blog post that Microsoft is looking forward to having “a more expressive Web.” One would have to assume that Adobe will continue to work on Windows 10, but it has not been confirmed by Microsoft just yet.

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