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Microsoft is still fixing the Surface Pro 4 — updates cover keyboard

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
Microsoft’s latest update aims to improve the stability of its Type Cover keyboard for its 2-in-1 device Surface Pro 4. It also throws in a few improvements to the touchpad and keyboard on the Surface Book. On the Surface Pro 4 some users are saying they’ve experienced slow boot issues with the keyboard attached. And some of our staff have reported that the keyboard seems to work randomly, and only a reboot resolves the issue. Far from preferable for a device that should assist during stressful situations.

Users who have suffered from these issues might benefit from downloading the latest update. The update won’t patch every bug and glitch, but it might get rid of some of the most glaring issues. To check if the update is available you only need to check the Windows Update section on your device.

The update arrives in the midst of a constant influx of new bugs and glitches, as is usually the case with fresh hardware. The Microsoft team responsible for the Surface recently issued an apology to the early adopters of both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

Earlier Surface releases have been criticized for hardware issues, but that seems to have gone in reverse with the latest iteration. In November the company released an update to fix freezing issues, another update in early December got rid of graphics errors, and now another software patch is being released.

While our initial review took great joy in the solid yet elegant design of the device along with its capable hardware, the software has become an ever more glaring issue. We have even take the step of altering the review score to reflect this. Consumers don’t have any responsibility to wait for their hardware to finally work, so the question remains as to whether this will hurt the blossoming Surface line, or if Microsoft will take care of the problems before they become indelibly associated with the brand.

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