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Microsoft updates OneNote for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

microsoft updates onenote mac iphone ipad onedrive for business
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Microsoft announced a slew of updates for OneNote for Mac as well as iOS, bringing a bunch of new features to the productivity app for users of those platforms. Microsoft made the announcement in this official blog post.

Most people have multiple devices in their homes, and in all likelihood, the operating systems of those devices are different. That has created problems in the past with OneNote when it comes to accessing a password-protected portion of a document on a non-Windows device. That hurdle is a thing of the past, as Microsoft is giving Mac and iOS-based OneNote users the ability to unlock password-guarded sections of documents that were originally safeguarded on Windows devices. All you’ll have to do to unlock them is go to the password-protected part of the document, and type in the same password. You’ll also be able to lock that portion back up. In case you forget to do it yourself, it will lock back up automatically after a few minutes.

On top of that, if you use OneNote for Mac, with this update, you’ll be able to access, sync, and create both personal and shared projects with your OneNote for Business account. You’ll also be able to insert and view documents and PDFs into your notebooks. Adding documents is as simple as drag-and-drop. Improvements were also made to how copy-paste works in OneNote for Mac as well, allowing to you paste stuff from the Web and other programs directly into your OneNote docs while keeping content formatting intact. You’ll also be able to send your notes in the body of email messages.

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The updates are live as of today. You can learn more about OneNote here.

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