Microsoft’s new free Visual Studio Code app makes coding easier

microsofts new free visual studio code app makes coding easier  microsoft

At its BUILD 2015 conference today, Microsoft has announced a brand new way for developers to easily work with their code on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. Visual Studio Code is a new free tool for more intelligent and efficient coding on any platform, featuring deep integration with existing Microsoft developer tools.

Reading and working with code is possible on nothing more than a simple text editor, but many developers like to use other free and paid applications to make the process a little easier and more manageable. Visual Studio Code is a rich editor that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX, allowing developers to easily work on modern Web applications built in JavaScript, TypeScript, ASP.NET 5, and other modern computer languages. Visual Studio Code also helps with its Intellisense coding process by making it easier to manage and debug code, as well as integrate it into repositories such as GIT.

Microsoft’s intention is to make it easier for these developers to build such applications without diving into the full Microsoft experience on software like the full Visual Studio suite, which remains a Windows-exclusive piece of software. Visual Studio Code will also help developers integrate with Microsoft’s existing cloud development solutions powered by Azure or Visual Studio Online Best of all, the software is free and will continue to be free for any and all developers, no matter what system they use it on.

If you’re interested in trying out the new code editor, click here to download a copy. Stay with us at Digital Trends as we bring you the latest news from Microsoft’s BUILD 2015 developer conference.