New Might & Magic Heroes VII trailer tells all

Might & Magic Heroes VII is a game set to release in just over a week from Ubisoft. Typically, Ubisoft tends to pump out trailers to the point of annoyance for many of its upcoming releases, but for this game, the company hasn’t done that, instead opting to release this one large trailer that showcases pretty much everything players need to know about the game.

The “101 Trailer” which is over four minutes long, offers players a clear idea of what the story of the game will be, while also providing a good look at the how it will play. While many trailers offer more of a show without laying out gameplay, this one features a narrator actually explaining key elements of the game, making it easier to digest, especially for players who are new to the franchise.

Like the previous games in the series, this one is a turn-based strategy game with a tactical grid-based setup. There are multiple factions in the game, each of which play differently than the others. The trailer breaks down each of the factions and the skills they offer. It also talks about how weather can influence different battles, making it so they’re always different.

There’s also improved flanking, which developers Black Hole Entertainment and Limbic Entertainment promise will expand the combat quite a bit and make the gameplay more exciting. The team also promises hundreds of hours of gameplay thanks to procedural generation.

Generally, the third and fifth games are regarded as the high points of the long-running series, and it will be interesting to see how well this offering measures up, and how both hardcore fans and new players take to it. Early preview coverage has been fairly mixed, and Ubisoft’s lack of marketing hype before this trailer is a little concerning, but hopefully the game delivers on its promises.

Might & Magic Heroes VII is set to release on September 29 on the PC. Players can get the game on Steam, GOG, and at other digital retailers.

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