New Windows 8 screenshots released by Microsoft

Microsoft’s latest OS is still under development, but that hasn’t stopped Windows 8 from gathering a good amount of industry buzz.

First and foremost is the extensively redesigned user interface which has been optimized for touchscreens and tablets. Similar to the Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 will feature a new “Start screen” and include live application tiles. The new start screen will also display the user’s name and avatar.

Additionally, the new interface is primarily designed for 16:9 screen resolutions with larger screens capable of displaying two Windows 8 applications. Moreover, with such a large focus on apps in today’s user marketplace, the new Windows 8 will be much more app focused and allow users to sync their apps and content across devices as well as access the Window Store on any supporting device.

For a more in depth preview of Windows 8, check out Microsoft previews Windows 8 at BUILD.