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Usually $800, this 27-inch Razer WQHD gaming monitor is $380

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The newest games don’t just require that you have a beefy computer for great performance, which you’ll find in the best desktop computer deals, but also a highly capable monitor for smooth motion and a stable frame rate, featuring at least 60Hz or above. The ideal rate, of course, rests between 75Hz to 120Hz, with the best monitor deals, falling in that range. Anything higher than 120Hz is pure gold. Well, guess what? Walmart is currently offering the 27-inch Razer Raptor WQHD Gaming Monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate and both FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility at a ridiculous discount right now. Normally $800, you can get it for $380, which saves you $420. Wow. Talk about a phenomenal deal.

Why you should buy the 27-inch Razer Raptor WQHD Gaming Monitor

First of all, just look at this thing. With its super sleek design, solid aluminum base, and Razer Chroma RGB built-in for unique illumination, it’s certainly a beautiful piece of machinery. Built-in cable management allows you to keep your desk looking nice and fresh — without cables getting in the way. Plus, the stand allows for unique viewing angles and configurations.

But surely, if you’re here, you’re more interested in the performance and specifications. This is a 27-inch IPS-grade display with WQHD resolution support, at a maximum of 2560 by 1440. The super fast 165Hz refresh rate will give you smooth, crisp onscreen action even at the most demanding of times. Every scene in-game is going to look amazing, and you should have a better reaction time in those competitive twitch shooters you play, at least in theory.

The 95% DCI-P3 color gamut delivers accurate and rich colors, with HDR400 support for a more vibrant spectrum. This thing is just going to make your gaming experiences much more immersive. You can also tap into Razer’s Synapse integration to adjust monitor settings and connect to your battle station. Razer does offer some great software support features for its products, after all. You can see the evidence of this in some of Razer’s most ambitious gaming laptops.

Whatever the case may be, whether you’re upgrading an old monitor, replacing a failing one, or just want to build the gaming rig of your dreams, this Walmart deal is definitely one to consider. The Razer 27-inch 165Hz panel is yours for just $380, which is $420 off the normal price — $800. Hurry, as with most deals like this, it won’t be available for long and is sure to sell out fairly quickly.

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