Skype restoring service, offers compensation for downtime

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Leading VoIP service Skype is still trying to restore full service after a software problem took down Skype’s “supernodes,” which are responsible for routing voice, video, and instant messages calls between users. The problem left millions of people unable to connect, and Skype says it is working hard to restore service, and many customers who experienced problems during the outage should be able to connect now. And Skype chief Tony Bates is going a step further, saying in a blog post the company plans to issue compensation vouchers to paying customers impacted by the outage.

“It’s been a tough 24 hours for many of you—and I’d like to thank you for your patience as we bring Skype back to normal,” Bates wrote. “I realize that it’s difficult to compensate you for not being able to talk to or see your friends, family, or colleagues, but we’re planning to offer Skype Credit vouchers to all of our loyal paying customers to thank you for your continued support.”

Compensation detailed so far will take the form of Skype Credit Vouchers sent to Pay As You Go and Pre-Pay customers via email. The vouchers will be good for about 30 minutes of free calling to landline phones anywhere in the world. (The exact amount of time covered by the voucher will depend on rates to a particular destination.) Active subscribers will receive a free one-week extension on their subscription within the next few days.

As of late December 23rd, Skype claims to be operating at 90 percent of normal capacity.