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Microsoft says Windows RT will get some love in September with Update 3

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Update 8/10/15 8:45 AM: In a change to the Windows 10 FAQ, Microsoft confirmed that Windows RT devices won’t be upgraded to Windows 10. Instead, Update 3 in September will improve the lock screen and Start Menu, though the revamped versions will be updated Windows 8.1 RT features, not the new Windows 10 Start Menu.

Original Story: Even though Microsoft is gearing up to launch Windows 10 before the end of July, the mobile and tablet version isn’t set to arrive for some time. To make sure that those remaining on platforms like Windows 8.1 RT stay protected and have all of the latest features, Redmond is set to release a patch known as Update 3 for all users in September.

The announcement was made by general manager of OSG Data and Fundamentals, Gabe Aul on Twitter. We don’t know a lot about this update, but it’s been understood for a while that certain Windows 10 features may be ported over to the somewhat restricted 8.1 RT platform.Which features will make the jump remains to be seen, but presumably the best ones will be reserved for Microsoft’s new flagship OS in order to draw users to update.

@jon5798 Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 will be available in September

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) July 15, 2015

With its new unified platform for software too, a version of Windows 10 will appear on tablets and other smaller form factor devices before long, so Microsoft might not be too keen to encourage people to stick with their older standards. However it makes sense to keep them on the hook until then, so an update with a few Windows 10 features isn’t a bad plan.

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The big feature being requested by users is the ability to run Windows 10 apps on the older RT platform. Not everyone is convinced they will get such functionality with the update; Microsoft and Aul are remaining quiet on the precise content of it. Microsoft needs to rejuvenate the platform moving forward, as third parties have all but dropped support for it.

Microsoft has made sure to develop Windows 10 with an eye towards low system requirements. If the new OS can find its way onto the Raspberry Pi, then surely Redmond will find a way to bring RT users into the fold as well.

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