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Windows 10 Build 10240 goes live, but RTM release remains elusive

windows 10 build 10240 goes live but rtm release remains elusive build10240
Microsoft announced on Monday that it would stop releasing Insider updates in preparation for the final, RTM build, leaving us to wonder how long we’d have to wait until another release. It turns out the wait wasn’t long at all, as Build 10240 just went live for Insiders on both the Fast and Slow rings.

Unlike previous updates, which circulated under the “fbl_impressive” code name, this new build goes by the name “TH1 Professional 10240.” In practical terms that doesn’t mean a lot, though it does indicate that the build is on a different, internally validated release track from previous builds. Which is likely why it’s being issued to Fast and Slow rings simultaneously. Also, unlike previous builds, 10240 will not be available as an .ISO download.

What’s new? As with other recent builds, not a lot. 10240 finalizes the default Office apps, boasts of improved Edge performance, and that’s about it — according to Blogging Windows.  That’s not to say there aren’t other changes, though. This time around, even users who have been updating through the settings pane rather than using an ISO will have to jump through a few settings customization hoops. They’re roughly the same as they have been, with a license and usage agreement, privacy settings and bug report opt-ins. This is likely similar to the screen all users will see the first time they boot into Windows 10, even if they log in with their Microsoft account.

Interestingly, Microsoft has not declared that this release is the RTM (release to manufacturing) version. That means we may still see additional updates between now and the official retail release of Windows 10.  This morning’s rumor mill heavily suggested 10240 would in fact be the final, RTM edition, but that now appears to be untrue.

Not that it matters. At this point it’s exceedingly unlikely we’ll see any major feature changes to Windows 10 before release. Microsoft has honed in on what it’ll pack in the release edition and is now working on bugs, performance, and a smooth launch.

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