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Windows 10 Threshold 2 update coming this Tuesday, November 10

Windows 10 Cortana
Greg Mombert/Digital Trends
In case there was any concern that Microsoft was going to be slow in updating its latest operating system, we needn’t have worried. According to a Microsoft Support Engineer on the company’s official forum, we can expect the Windows 10 Threshold 2 update to arrive on November 10th, which is the next “patch Tuesday.”

This answer came as part of a response to an initial question which asked when we could expect the Microsoft digital assistant, Cortana, to be added as a feature for users in India. The official response reads: “Thank you for your reply, Cortana will be available in India after November update releasing on November 10th, 2015.”

Another Microsoft Support Engineer showed up shortly after and clarified that the user could change their language settings to English and that that would enable Cortana in the region in the meantime, but due to restrictions on the spoken language she can understand, she wouldn’t be officially available until this next update.

We also have more of an idea about what else the Threshold 2 patch will bring to the table, since Microsoft has made a big push with this OS to let members of the Windows Insider team get a look at upcoming features before anyone else. This allows for not only some measure of open beta testing, as well as a sneak peak for the rest of us.

Threshold 2 brings with it a number of stability improvements, as per WinSuperSite, as well as some changes to the Microsoft Edge UI. Cortana gets some extra abilities too, with the option in the new update to highlight content within a PDF document (opened within Edge) and ask Cortana about it from the context menu. Much like running typical searches with Cortana, this option can elicit a response as well as open up a search results window with relevant data.

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