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Windows 11 will now work more seamlessly with Apple iCloud

Microsoft has now made available a feature for Windows 11 that will make it easy to connect your iCloud to your Photos app on your PC.

The iCloud for Windows app will be downloadable through the Microsoft Store as an add-on update to the Photos app, and it will roll out completely to Windows 11 users by the end of the month, the company said.

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Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 feature that makes the OS photos app compatible with Apple's iCloud.

This feature will allow for the integration of all of your content from all sources, including your phone, camera, and various cloud storage options, such as iCloud Photos and OneDrive. You will be able to see all your images and videos in a single gallery on Windows 11. Photos coming from iCloud will also be labeled under their own folder for easy identification.

To get the feature, make sure your Windows 11 Photos app is updated to the latest version, and then install the iCloud for Windows app. This can all be done in the Microsoft Store. Then, sign into your Apple account and sync your photos. This will send all of your iCloud Photos content to your Windows Photos app.

This iCloud integration isn’t the only Apple feature that has recently come to Windows 11. Late last month, Microsoft sent out a Windows 11 preview build to its Dev and Beta Channels to test a feature similar to one seen on macOS and iPadOS, which allows you to turn your computer or tablet into a mobile hotspot without having to involve your iPhone.

For the Windows 11 preview, this function is being added to the Phone Link app that is already included in Microsoft’s software. The only catch is that it will only be compatible with a limited number of Samsung smartphones.

Microsoft also released its annual Windows 11 2022 update in September, which includes many professional and productivity features as an overall theme. However, some of the brand’s more recent announcements could suggest more cross-platform compatibility as a theme moving forward.

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