Upcoming patches for 'World of Warcraft' will expand Legion content

World of Warcraft: Legion
Blizzard Entertainment
At Blizzard’s annual Blizzcon event, which finished up this past weekend, we learned a lot about what the publishing giant has planned for many of its games. When it comes to World of Warcraft though, we heard about upcoming patches 7.15 and 7.2, each of which is going to keep the Legion train moving, with lots of new content.

The latest content patch for World of Warcraft, which followed the release of the Legion expansion at the end of August, was 7.1, named “Return to Karazhan.” It introduced a new mythic-level dungeon, a new raid, a continuation of the main story and tweaks to most player classes and a number of items.

The 7.15 patch represents a change of pace for World of Warcraft releases, bringing with it a number of smaller additions to the game, though we could see this sort of patch come much more regularly from Blizzard as it tries to maintain its smaller, more dedicated, contemporary World of Warcraft playerbase.

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The 7.15 patch will make all six of Mists of Pandaria’s dungeons part of the timewalking feature, so players can take them on again but at a higher difficulty for aesthetic rewards. Brawlers Guild will return with a number of new raid encounters and Polygon reports that the Blade’s Edge PvP arena will also be getting an update.

This patch will also introduce new micro-holidays, which will be one or two-day events that won’t change the game fundamentally, but will offer temporary, fun asides. Volunteer Guard Day will let players act as city guards for a few hours if they wish.

The upcoming 7.2 patch, however, will be much more impressive. Called the “Tomb of Sargeras,” it will revamp the Broken Shore, bringing together the various order halls to create a new Armies of Legionfall faction. Building a base there, raising reputations and choosing which buildings to unlock will be a major part of the update. This will go hand in hand with new Legion Assault events, which will replace regular world quests as Azeroth’s finest hold back the demonic ‘horde’ of the Burning Legion.

Of course the Tomb of Sargeras itself is a raid that players will be able to take on. It comes with nine bosses and will continue the main story. A five-player dungeon, called Cathedral of Eternal Night, will also be available nearby, offering exciting loot drops.

We’re also told that patch 7.2 will introduce new artifact traits, which players can earn and unlock as they go.

These patches should be introduced to test realms and then be officially released within the next few weeks, with hints that after them, players can expect to take the fight to the Burning Legion’s stronghold: the planet of Argus.


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