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Watch a breathtaking 4K aerial video of Europe’s greatest castles

The season 6 finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones has left a void in the hearts of fantasy fans around the world. Fortunately, the aptly named Earth Porn Films just released a new video on the WeWannaGo TV YouTube Channel. Titled Fairytale Castles, it’s the perfect way to spend several minutes of your time as you wait anxiously for the premiere of Thrones‘ seventh season. Only 10 more months to go …

From Castle Black to the Red Keep — or rather, from the Castle of Almourol in Portugal to the Khotyn Fortress in Ukraine, Fairytale Castles reveals Europe’s most impressive architectural wonders in beautiful 4K aerial footage. Shot entirely on the DJI Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 drones, the video takes viewers on an epic journey, covering thousands of miles in just three minutes. Other locations include the United Kingdom, Croatia, Austria, and Germany.

The video is a great example of what low-cost consumer drones have enabled for all kinds of filmmakers. The ability to capture ultra high definition (UHD) content (from the sky, no less) was nothing more than a pipe dream just a couple of years ago. What used to require cameras costing tens of thousands of dollars (and helicopters costing many times that) can now be accomplished with a $1,400 “toy.”

The DJI Phantom 4 includes some incredibly advanced features, such as object tracking and obstacle avoidance, both of which will come in handy should you try to film your own castles and would rather not risk crashing into a thousand-year-old stone wall.

If there is one complaint to be raised against Fairytale Castles, it’s that, like Sunday’s Thrones finale, it will leave you wanting more, much more. Fortunately, the filmmakers have promised to release the individual drone flights of each castle in the near future. For now, we won’t hold it against it you if you want to replay the video two, or three, or four times.

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