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Need to charge your Apple Watch? Use the tiny Joostcube

If good things really do come in small packages, then Joostcube is probably the best thing that’s ever happened. A cube so small you could forget you had it (don’t worry, you won’t), this little gadget packs a serious power punch, and is capable of fully charging your Apple Watch five times over on a single charge of its own. While the Joostcube makes use of the same magnetic connector the traditional Apple charger uses, it is the first to build the connector directly into a power base, thereby eliminating the need for a cable. Just put your watch on top, leave it, and watch it charge.

Measuring just 30mm by 30mm by 35mm, this tiny cube is just barely taller than a quarter, but holds 1500mAh in its tiny body. And given that the Apple Watch runs out of power surprisingly quickly (three hours of talk time and 6.5 hours of music and workout functions, according to Joostcube’s tests), the team knew they needed to create a portable solution.

Available in a myriad of colors (many more than the Apple Watch, that’s for sure), the cube comes complete with a power indicator so that you know how much charge your charger has left, an anti-slip base, and a shock-resistant design, because small doesn’t have to mean delicate, too.

Already, Joostcube has raised over 77 percent of its $10,000 goal by way of its Indiegogo campaign, with 91 backers expressing interest in this pocket-sized power supply. And with 27 days left to go, it seems that this particular cube will have no issues whatsoever achieving its goals.

If you find yourself in great need of this miniature Apple Watch charger, you can get in on the early bird special price of $79 on Indiegogo, or really go big and order them in bulk (because you know everyone else is going to want one of these babies too).

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