Pikaka wallet’s new anti-degaussing feature protects your magnetized cards

Update: Added news that a new version of the Pitaka wallet will have an anti-degaussing feature to keep magnetized credit cards safe. 

Most slim wallets are just variations on the same design and the same material. But if you’re looking to stand out and make a statement with what’s in your pocket, the Pitaka may be the wallet for you.

Made of carbon fiber, the Pitaka wallet may be among the most minimalist and lightest wallets out there. It boasts a modular design, which means that you can decide just how thick you really need your wallet to be. The Pitaka wallet depends upon a number of layers that you can customize according to your needs. The layers are held together using powerful magnets, and when you need to access something, you fan the layers out, rather unfolding as you would a traditional wallet.

The top and bottom layers of any Pitaka wallet each have a recess capable of holding one card. The middle layers have two recesses (one per side) capable of holding two cards. And then there are additional layers that can be used to store other things that you might not be able to put in a traditional wallet, like keys, a bottle opener, and more. There’s even an optional tool card layer you can include in your wallet.

Once you master the art of sliding this wallet open, you ought to be able to do it with just your thumb, making it convenient (and pretty snazzy to watch, too). And because the wallet is made of carbon fiber, it’s not only lighter and more durable, but also features natural RFID blocking so no one is surreptitiously stealing your information.

There was, however, an obvious drawback to the original Pitaka. Because earlier iterations of the wallet depended heavily upon magnets, the magnetized strip of your credit cards could fall victim to the design. However, the new version of the Pitaka is different — thanks to its anti-degaussing feature, all your strip cards will be protected from the powerful magnets. Additionally, as we turn increasingly to chip technology, magnetized cards could soon be obviated altogether. 

The newest version of Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet will be coming soon to Kickstarter, and we’ll update you on availability.