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Book-sized battery can power a TV for 4 hours or a mini-fridge for 8

Battery packs are typically either portable, or powerful enough to charge more than a smartphone, but not both. The 35-ounce Plug, however, boasts a capacity sufficient to recharge a DSLR 30 times, a laptop 3 times, or a smartphone 28 times while still being slim enough to slide into a bag. Designed by California-based ChargeTech Enterprises, Plug has surpassed its original Indiegogo campaign goal over 2,000-fold.

After hitting its initial goal, ChargeTech entered production of the Plug on October 12, and extended the campaign by another 30 days. Despite the device’s large capacity, the Plug measures closer to a hardcover book than a high capacity battery at just 1.6 inches deep, 8.6 inches tall, and 5.6 inches wide.

The Plug can deliver 48,000mAh through two international AC outlets as well as two USB ports — enough to bring your TV to the beach for four hours or to power your mini fridge for eight. The company says the Plug also holds enough juice to recharge a drone up to three times and a hooverboard twice. The Plug can also be used to power studio lights on location, according to the developer.

The portable power bank also has a solar panel option, which will recharge the Plug in about eight hours using a panel that folds for easier storage. The separate solar option adds just under four pounds to the total weight.

Plugged into a wall outlet, Plug takes about seven hours to fully recharge, and can be used to power other devices while charging.

Fully funded on Indiegogo, the campaign is now open to stretch goals ranging from a free key chain USB Lightning cable to increased capacity. On Indiegogo, the Plug sells for $145, or $375 with a solar panel, and both prices are about 34 percent off the expected retail price. The charger is expected to ship before the end of the year.

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