Superyacht Seven Sins sells with tricky fins that let you keep your lunch

A major rebuild including updated tech and the addition of seven feet in length aided the recent sale of the superyacht Seven Sins, reports Boat International.

The yacht was 135 feet long when she left the Heesen Yacht shipyards in 2005. A seven-foot stretch during the rebuild in 2015-16 at Balk Shipyard in the Netherlands resulted in a 43.5-meter yacht or just a tad short of 143 feet. Her beam is 27.5 feet.

Seven Sins is a full displacement yacht, meaning her hull pushes water ahead rather than slicing through it. Heesen has patented fast displacement hulls that slice and dice, but the trade-off for a pointy front end is less usable space inside the hull, especially in the front lower decks where the crew usually sleeps.

Seven Sins has a 5,500 nautical mile range at 10 knots. Her 17,700-gallon fuel tank means a long time at the pump, not to mention a bill large enough to buy a nicely outfitted smaller Mercedes-Benz. With a full tank, however, she can go from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean with 1,500 nm-worth of fuel to spare. Two 1,000 horsepower Caterpillar marine diesel engines dish up the power for the trips.

Seven Sins’ two KoopNautic zero speed stabilizers are technological wonders that keep passengers from losing their Rockefeller oysters while underway and at anchor. All ships roll, with the timing based on their shape and onboard weight distribution, but waves can make the roll much worse. When hull roll increases, ships do not steer straight and lose efficiency. Plus people puke.

Lunch-saving zero speed stabilization technology was first developed by Quantum to minimize hull roll. Zero speed stabilizers are fins or other structures mounted beneath the hull that counteract the vessel roll with equivalent and opposite force. Zero speed stabilizers are dramatically portrayed in the video below.

Inside, Seven Sins features semi-gloss cherry wood and teak and ebony flooring. A full-beam master suite, two VIP suites, and two twin staterooms accommodate up to 10 passengers. All guest staterooms are up-fitted with entertainment centers, flat screens on the wall, and en suite bathrooms. The crew quarters hold seven people.

Spacious common areas in the saloon include a full-sized bar, an entertainment center with a 50-inch plasma TV, and open, formal dining space for 10.
Superyacht Seven Sins sells

The sun deck, shown in the photo above, has sunbathing pads galore, a 10-person spa pool, a teppanyaki grill, a smoke oven, and dining space for twelve.

An aft hatch pops up to reveal water toy storage. Don’t think from the image below that Seven Sins will pull you on the water skis or wave boards. That’s a job for smaller craft.

Superyacht Seven Sins sells

If you’re bummed to have missed out on Seven Sins, keep growing your pile. The selling price was not disclosed but the asking price at Peter Insull’s Yacht Marketing was 9.95 million euros, or about $11.8 million.

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