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The Voyager Smart wallet won’t let you leave it, or your phone, behind

World's Most Functional Smart Wallet 2017? [Voyager Smart from Cuir Ally]
Your wallet may contain your most important possessions, but alas, it is just so easy to forget. After all, who hasn’t left a wallet in a car, at a restaurant, or at home before a business trip or a busy day? But one company is hoping to address our forgetfulness — or at least, make it less problematic. Meet the Voyager Smart Wallet, a new connected wallet that is linked to your smartphone so that you never leave it behind.

The latest product from Cuir Ally, this wallet is said to be constructed with fine-grain premium leather and combines form with function. The Voyager Smart comes complete with a pen, which fits along the inner fold of the wallet, as well as a space for your passport, your boarding passes, and plenty of credit cards and cash. But even if you are filling the wallet to its brim, Cuir Ally promises that it will maintain its sleek and slim design.

As for the tech aspect of the Voyager Smart, the wallet comes with an embedded smart chip, which uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone. Simply download the companion Chipolo app, available on both Android and iOS, and monitor your wallet’s activity. If you forget your wallet, the app will send you a notification to let you know that you and the Voyager Smart are no longer in the vicinity of one another. If you simply can’t find your wallet, press a button in the app and the Voyager Smart will start ringing.

But this also works in the other direction — if you have your wallet but cannot find your phone, simply double tap the chip in the Voyager Smart, and you will set off an alarm on your phone (even if it is on silent). The app also remembers your wallet’s last known location, so if you ever need to do some sleuthing work, you will have the resources you need.

The wallet is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $116, with an estimated delivery date of December. Backers will be able to choose from brown, black, or blue when it comes to the leather’s color.

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