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Comcast to enforce 1TB data caps in 12 new states, expand reach in 6 others

If you’ve been enjoying a data cap-free relationship with Comcast, that may soon come to an end. Comcast. Beginning November 1st, Comcast will start enforcing data caps in 12 more states than it does now. You’re affected if you live in Dothan Alabama, Colorado, certain parts of Florida, Southeastern Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Western Ohio, Houston Texas, Utah, Washington state, Wisconsin, and DT’s own home state of Oregon.

That’s right, yours truly is going to have to start watching his Netflix binges. Or will he? The good news is that Comcast has raised the cap from 300GB to 1 Terabyte. To put that in perspective, you’d have to watch about 600 to 700 hours of HD video or play games online for 12,000 hours to blow past your cap. And if you do, Comcast will add 50GB automatically for $10, and will never charge more than $200. Unlimited plans cost a $50 fee on top of the existing charge.

It’s unlikely this will have a negative effect on most folks. Comcast says 99% of its customers don’t use more than a Terabyte. Still, it’s the principle of the thing that has some folks upset. It’s hard not to see this as a cash grab. Things have been just fine without data caps. Why force them on us now?

Comcast has further details here.

Microsoft’s first desktop PC is on the way

It looks like Microsoft is definitely going to launch a Surface PC at the event it will hold this October 26. The Windows 10 and Surface event in New York City should see the unveiling of new Windows 10 features and a long-term vision for Windows 10, along with the company’s first desktop PC hardware. Some are hoping for a Surface Book, but it’s unlikely we’ll see that at this event, and it’s definitely too early for a Surface Pro 5 as the Surface Pro 4 just came out last October and that wouldn’t fit with Microsoft’s update schedule.

Digital Trends’ own Editor in Chief Jeremy Kaplan will be at the event getting up close and personal with everything Microsoft has to show, so be sure to visit Digital Trends October 26 to see it all for yourself.

‘Blade Runner’ sequel gets named

Finally, the Blade Runner sequel finally has a name. Digital Trends has learned the title will be Blade Runner 2049, which would ostensibly place the story 30 years after the original. Don’t worry, this isn’t just another one of those Hollywood executive-mandated reboots for the sake of a reboot – Ridley Scott will produce the film and he’s been wanting to do this for a while now. In the director’s chair will be super-popular French-Canadian Denis Villeneuve, known for his recent work on Sicario and Prisoners.

The film will star Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, and is currently slated to open in one year, on October 6, 2017.

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