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Save $100 on top-rated 23andMe DNA Kit today

Eric Baradat/Getty Images / 23andMe

If you, like most people, are curious about your heritage, a DNA kit can give just the answers you’re looking for. Now the popular 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service kit is available for just $99 as a Prime Day Deal. If you’re curious about your ancestry and want to know more about your DNA, this is one of the best DNA kits on the market.

Using a 23andMe DNA kit can tell you specific information about your heritage. For example, you can learn not only how much of your DNA is composed of what ethnicity, but you can also learn what region of the world your ancestors came from. On that same note, it reveals important information about your health that you might not know, including genetic predispositions to certain diseases and illnesses.

For example, this test can reveal whether you are a likely candidate for developing Celiac Disease or how high your risk might be for Type 2 Diabetes. Whether you want to get a leg up on your health or you’re just naturally curious, this kind of detail is hard to find through sources other than a DNA test.

Your DNA can affect everything from your ability to match a musical pitch to whether you hate the sound of chewing or not. Learning more about where you came from can help you learn more about who you are. 23andMe encrypts all of the information so that it is completely under your control.

When using this service, you can also choose to contribute your DNA information to a larger research project. Participation in this project can help scientists and researchers discover the cure to various ailments. It doesn’t require anything on your part beyond simply taking the DNA test and choosing to contribute the information.

If you are curious about the specific details of your heritage, this kit from 23andMe is a great way to discover more information. It’s also a fantastic deal at $100 off its normal price. Not only will you learn details about who you are and your health, but it gives you the opportunity to contribute to larger medical research projects with just your DNA.

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