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AirPods deal alert: Apple’s latest wireless earphones are at their lowest price

Apple AirPods
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Apple recently refreshed its AirPods, making an already solid product even better. The second-generation AirPods offer a version that includes a case that supports Qi wireless charging, always-on Siri, and better Bluetooth connectivity. While they’re currently out of stock on Amazon, you can order the wired version now to lock in a $19 discount.

Normally $159, Amazon’s sale brings the price down to $140, with free shipping for Prime members. Amazon will ship your AirPods as soon as they come back in stock, and we recommend pre-ordering as the sale price may expire before they’re restocked.

We should emphasize that this offer is on the newer AirPods with the wired charging case. If you want the Qi-compatible wireless charging case, you’ll have to purchase the version with that case included, currently at $199. A bit of a bummer, but we’ve found the case capable of charging your AirPods completely starting from empty several times so the feature isn’t all that necessary.

Our tests found that AirPods offer about five hours of listening time before requiring a recharge. The new H1 chip also made the headphones much more responsive, and less laggy in gaming environments. Call quality in windy environments was also improved.

Much of the rest of the AirPod design and feature set is exactly the same as the first generation, just with a lot of minor tweaks to make them an all-around better buy.

While non-Apple users might be better served by other wireless earbuds, for Apple users, as our editor said, the AirPods are “the safe path to wireless freedom.” Setup is simple, the sound quality good, and connectivity dependable. Those are the basics that we look for in recommending a set of wireless headphones.

This said, don’t expect full sound out of these earbuds, or heck, any earbud for that matter. If you need better mids and lows especially, invest instead in a pair of over-the-ear wireless headphones: we just recently updated our list of the best wireless headphones not too long ago. But for everyday use — and especially in situations where you’re active or working out, these are great.

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