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Early Prime Day deal: Save BIG on AA and AAA batteries today

Prime Day deals have arrived early with Amazon launching an official early Prime Day deal in the form of great special offers on AA and AAA batteries. While so many gadgets use the best rechargeable batteries now, there are still plenty of devices that require traditional batteries including remotes and games controllers. This is a great way to save plenty of cash on those all too necessary essentials. After all, bulk buying is always better value than picking up individual battery packs from the store as and when you need them. This way, you’re organized and can save plenty of cash. The Amazon Basics range has all kinds of batteries on offer right now, but we’re going to focus on the most commonly used ones — AA and AAA — with bulk packs priced at over 20% off the usual deal.

Amazon Basics AAA Batteries (36 Pack) — $9, was $11

For those kids toys and generally smaller devices, there’s the Amazon Basics 36 pack of AAA high-performance alkaline batteries. Right now, you can grab the 36 pack for just $9 saving you 20% on the usual price. As you’d expect from Amazon Basics batteries, they offer a 10-year leak-free shelf life so you won’t have to worry about storing them away for a long time if need be. Their 1.5-volt performance means they’re ideal for all kinds of devices from game controllers to toys, digital cameras, flashlights, and more. Simply put, you won’t be disappointed by how much you can save on bulk buying here.

Amazon Basics AA Batteries (48 Pack) — $12, was $15

Ordinarily priced at $15, you can save 20% on these high-performance AA alkaline batteries from Amazon Basics. Ideal for remotes, radios, cameras, toys, torches, and all kinds of things, they promise to provide a 10-year leak-free shelf life so if you don’t plan on using them too quickly, you won’t be disappointed here. With 1.5-volt performance, they’re super reliable too whether you need to switch between channels on your TV or keep your kids entertained via their favorite electronic toys. You’ll be surprised how many different devices around your home still need AA batteries so this will save you the time and money involved in heading to the store all the time.

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