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Premium Android games like Monument Valley go on sale for Black Friday

We’re only a few days away from Black Friday and in addition to gadget companies, app developers have now begun to join the frenzy. A handful of premium Android games have gone on sale on the Google Play Store including the Monument Valley series and unlike gadget deals, they are not restricted to the United States either.

Both Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 are down to $1.50 from their regular $5 and $6 prices — a staggering drop of nearly 75%. The puzzle games are known for their iconic designs and levels that are as delightful as their captivating stories. Its developer, Ustwo Games has employed clever geometrics to build seemingly simple, yet sophisticated levels that get more elusive as you follow along the characters’ journey. The games also feature immersive soundscapes that work best when you have headphones on.

The official NBA 2K20 is on a discount as well and is available for a dollar instead of its usual $6 price. The game comes with a host of modes where you can head basketball’s best teams and players in several scenarios such as street championships, interactive career stories of a bunch of legends, custom player career options, and more. There’s even a multiplayer mode that you can use to compete against friends both locally over a network hot spot and online.

The PC survival game, Don’t Starve‘s mobile edition is on sale as well. It’s right now listed for a dollar, down from its sticker $5 cost. In Don’t Starve, your job, as Wilson the scientist, is to figure out and escape a wild, mysterious world in which you have accidentally got yourself trapped in. Apart from that, there is a range of more game deals you can check out such as Lara Croft Go which has been discounted by about 85%, the Rusty Lake games, and more.

As we inch closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, companies and retailers have been unveiling new discounts left and right. Make sure to visit and bookmark our dedicated deals section where we’ve compiled sales on all the thousands of products such as phones, laptops, 4K TVs, smartwatches, and headphones.

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