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Apple Watch Series 3 on sale for $179 ahead of 4th of July

Keen to buy a new smartwatch and don’t want to pay too much? Right now, Amazon has cut the price on the Apple Watch Series 3 ahead of the 4th of July sales. It’s the ideal time to buy this still great smartwatch at an even better price. Ordinarily $200, the Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm, GPS) is on sale for only $169 — down from $200.`

The Apple Watch Series 3 offers GPS tracking so you’ll always know where you’ve been, along with an optical heart sensor so you can spot how your heart is performing during your runs or other workouts. It’s swim-proof, too, so you won’t have to worry about getting it wet. Thanks to WatchOS, it automatically tracks the majority of your workouts saving you the hassle of needing to set up your device before working out. It’s ideal if you regularly exercise and want to see what difference it makes to your life.

A stylish Retina display along with good looks and easy to swap watch straps means the Apple Watch Series 3 is good to go in more social scenarios, too, looking smart on your wrist whether you’re out for the evening or hiking the trails. It pairs up well with smartphones, too. Want to receive and make calls from your wrist? It’s easy to do with the Apple Watch Series 3. You can also receive text messages, notifications from all your favorite social media, and much more. Siri support means you can even control your smart home from it.

It’s a genuinely smart device and you’ll be surprised how much it revolutionizes your day to day activities. While the Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest Apple Watch, the Series 3 variant is substantially cheaper and still offers plenty of great features. The only thing you really miss out on is that there’s no always-on display and it’s not quite as speedy as the latest model. At this price though, those aren’t deal-breakers.

It’s no wonder then that the Apple Watch Series 3 38mm is the bestseller in smartwatches on Amazon right now. If you’re keen to see what all the fuss is about, grab one now while stocks last. We can’t see this deal lasting long.

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