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Best Labor Day Phone Sales 2021: Best deals you can shop today

Labor Day phone sales are here and that means some fantastic offers on the latest smartphone technology. Alongside all the other great Labor Day sales going on, we’ve rounded up the best Labor Day phone deals to help you out. If you have no idea where to start, we also have some key buying advice so you know exactly what to look for before you commit to a new handset. Whatever your budget, there’s a device for you here so read on while we decipher everything you need to know about the Labor Day phone sales.

Labor Day Phone Deals 2021

Should you buy a phone on Labor Day?

As always, do you need a new phone? It’s really tempting to want the latest and best, especially when Labor Day phone sales are looking so alluring but don’t push yourself into a purchase you simply don’t need. Only upgrade if your existing phone is starting to frustrate you or isn’t getting the updates and support you need.

Once you’ve figured that out, consider your budget. How much can you afford? Cheap phones exist but so do phones that cost as much as a high-end laptop. It all depends on what you need your device to do and how much you can afford. Plan accordingly and stick to your budget. You might need the most expensive phone out there but then again, you might do.

Thanks to the Labor Day phone deals going on right now, it could be a good time to spend a little more to get more for your money, however. By stretching your budget, you can enjoy more features for less plus you get the benefits of future-proofing at a lower price. It’s a good idea to do your research beforehand and know exactly what you’re getting into before you make an expensive purchase. That’s why we’re here to help out. Resist spending too much even if the Labor Day phone sales are really tempting.

Timing-wise, Labor Day is a reasonably good time to make a technology purchase like a new phone. Prime Day is a distant memory and the summer has been fairly quiet when it comes to great sales. Black Friday is still a couple of months away, and while it’s great for a new technology purchase, you get the benefit of a new phone now if you dive into the Labor Day phone sales.

Black Friday isn’t as strong as it once was either and while you might grab a better deal then, it’s no longer guaranteed. Stick with what you see now and you shouldn’t be disappointed. It also means you get to enjoy a new phone now rather than have to wait, although bear in mind that September and October can be key times for new phones to be released. You may end up with a slightly older model, although that’s always the case whenever you buy a new phone unless it has literally just launched.

Buying now also provides you with the benefit of spreading the cost so you don’t end up delving into Black Friday and spending a fortune on yourself during the holidays when money can be pretty tight.

Always remember though — don’t be tempted by a new phone unless you really need one. You don’t want to spend cash you don’t have simply because you were lured into a good sale. That’s why it’s a good move to do your research and know what you’re looking for before you buy a new smartphone, whatever your budget. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on that front before you hit the Labor Day phone sales.

How to choose a phone on Labor Day

There’s a huge amount to consider when choosing a phone as part of the Labor Day phone sales going on right now. The first thing to consider should definitely be your budget and price range. It’s possible to spend relatively little or a lot on a new phone and you really need to know what you can afford before you check out the Labor Day phone deals.

Once you’ve figured that out, it’s down to considering if you want to go the Android or iOS route. We have comprehensive guides on the best iPhone to buy as well as the best Android phones right now, all depending on your budget and needs.

We also have a great cell phone buying guide that covers all the bases you need to think about. Knowing where to start with the best smartphones can be confusing so think about how you use your existing smartphone.

Do you regularly use the camera? In which case, you’ll want to prioritize a good camera when buying a new smartphone amongst the Labor Day phone deals. Alternatively, if you never use it, then there’s no point in going for a smartphone with an amazing camera.

Alongside that, think about performance. If you’re impatient with technology, you might want to consider one that has a fast processor. Similarly, if you play a lot of games on your smartphone, it’s important to have one that provides good gaming performance.

Design is everything too, as well as the screen size. Some smartphones are bordering on being the size of small tablets and that might not suit you if you have small hands or want to be able to fit your device into your pocket. You might also need to consider how rugged your device is if you regularly drop your phone or you’re worried about damaging it. When it comes to screens, you may also want to consider the refresh rate and resolution as the higher the better is usually the case, providing you can afford it.

Lesser things to consider include whether you need a dual-SIM phone such as if you travel frequently and need to use multiple SIMs. All phones offer 4G connectivity but do you want to future proof and live in an area with 5G? Go with a 5G phone if you can stretch to it while the Labor Day phone deals are so strong.

Storage is also an important thing to think about as in the case of iPhones and some Android phones, it’s not possible to upgrade the storage after you purchase it. Always go for more than you need in this case so that your phone will last you a long time.

Finally, read up on battery life. No one wants to have to recharge their battery throughout the day and one that lasts a few days is definitely the sweet spot if you can find one.

Also, if a deal seems too good to be true, check that you’re not buying an older model that could be a little outdated. If it’s a good price, it might still be worth it but generally, you want to aim for the latest models that are currently out there.

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