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Need Help? These Are the Best places to hire people online

This content was produced in partnership with ZipRecruiter.

Hiring the right people is a crucial part of developing your business. The best person for the job will be one that shares your vision, is highly responsible, appropriately skilled, and is an efficient worker. You know what you want from your next employee but what do you do when it comes to finding that person? With many different sources out there for finding the best way to hire employees, we’ve picked out the best places to hire people online including ways to find employees online fast or for a long-term commitment. There are dozens of sites available but it’s important to pick the best outlet for the task, so you can spend less time on your recruitment drive and more time interviewing the best candidates for the job. Take a look below at the best places to hire people online.


ZipRecruiter's Phil AI recruiter assistant on laptop.
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One of the most reliable names in the job posting world, ZipRecruiter is a great way of finding staff and quickly. It aims to make the hiring process as smooth as possible. It works by connecting to more than 100 job boards so the moment you create a job listing for your firm, ZipRecruiter posts it across the huge network so you’re casting the net as wide as possible without having to manually create job listings at numerous sources.

ZipRecruiter also works proactively to help you find the right person by automatically screening potential hires that are a good fit, before inviting them to contact you directly. Both email and mobile notifications ensure the potential perfect fit will see you fast. Once you’ve gathered together a pool of candidates, the site then allows you to sort and screen applicants based on your needs before figuring out who should advance to the next stage. An extensive set of filters help you narrow things down to your needs so every potential hire is a genuinely good fit for your business. Typically, employers find great candidates within just a day of posting their job listing.

If you’re not sure how to create your job ad in a way that will tempt potential employees, ZipRecruiter offers more than 500 customizable job templates so you can create the killer recruitment ad quickly, even if you’re not sure where to begin. It’s a great starting point to help you think about how to adjust the ad to appeal most to the right candidate. From there, you can add screening questions to rule out any potential early snags, saving both you and the candidate time in the interview process.

With multiple different plans to cover different budgets and needs depending on your company’s size, there’s an excellent ZipRecruiter plan for you to help you find your next recruitment.


Indeed logo.
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One of the fastest growing hiring platforms, Indeed is a popular option because it’s entirely free to create an account and post a basic job opening. It’s possible to add a simple listing with a description and the skills you’re looking for, before waiting for applications to come in. However, it makes sense to spend some cash on a future asset. It’s possible to sponsor job listings to gain more attention for your firm and job ads. You can also gain instant access to any strong candidates who match your needs, allowing you to invite them to apply rather than waiting for them to seek you out.

For larger businesses, there’s an automated process with the ability to instantly schedule interviews. You can also search through Indeed’s database with plenty of filters so you can really narrow your search down to the person you need most. For any company thriving on word of mouth, it’s also useful that a company review section can highlight comments from real employees so your future new employee can see what a great employer you are.

Indeed is the largest and most-used job search site around with a strong mixture of high-end companies and smaller firms too, which means it also attracts a wide variety of candidates. That’s great if you’re not sure what level of experience you’re looking for and you’re keen to spread your net wide. Generally though, don’t count on this being used often by employees looking for the most senior of roles, but that’s not guaranteed either.

Once you do find a potential perfect candidate, you can conduct virtual interviews and organize your recommendations via the website or app itself. Listing can get pricey if you opt for sponsored ads or similar, but with extensive functionality and a huge amount of people looking on Indeed, it can be worth the investment.


Monster logo.
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Monster is one of the oldest job sites around and it remains a very strong place to look for candidates. It’s simple to use with it taking minutes to create a basic job entry. Monster offers thousands of job descriptions for inspiration so if you’re not sure how to craft your ad, you can easily mix some of the results with your own flourish. Different packages are available depending on how many postings you need to create. It’s worth remembering that if you use something like ZipRecruiter, the job post is automatically added to Monster which could work out a better deal for you.

Still, stick with Monster and it’s very straightforward to use. Many job listings don’t offer much information about the role involved so if you spend some time cultivating your job ad, you’ll soon stand out from the competition. A good option is to highlight benefits within the ad which Monster simplifies. With such a huge database, that’s certainly important. It’s also a great bet for both blue-collar work and white-collar positions so depending on your business type, this could be a huge boon.

Once you’ve created your job listing, Monster emails your ad to candidates that it thinks are a good match. It then provides you with candidate rankings and scores so you can see at a glance who is a good fit for your firm and the currently open role. It’s also simple to track your listings and searches via the candidate dashboard with plenty of filtering options. Other useful features include being able to automatically send follow-up messages to candidates and being able to pause job ads for a time.

While Monster isn’t as strong as other job sites anymore, it is very easy to use and offers a clearer pricing policy than most. That’ll particularly appeal to smaller businesses on tighter budgets.


CareerBuilder logo
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One of the US’s biggest job sites, CareerBuilder offers over 80 million resumes. Crucially, it can offer fairly high-end candidates thanks to its underlying software being used by companies like Amazon, Hilton, Wells Fargo, and other Fortune 500 firms. It has a Talent Discovery Platform which helps you streamline the potentially vast amount of candidates with automatic matches. It can also provide you with pre-written job descriptions powered by AI and include relevant market data to help improve the quality of your ads. It’a also possible to glean more insight about each candidate than just through what their resume offers. Perhaps best of all, you can even see what salaries your competitors are offering for similar positions, allowing you to adjust accordingly. Another nice extra is its Social Referral system where existing employees can share your vacancies on their social networks, ensuring a stronger bond between you and your staff.

As expected from any great job site, a dashboard combines everything. It’s simple to manage candidates with the ability to create lists of potential options, before communicating with them easily too. At all times, you can also receive alerts when a new candidate is matched with your role. It’s possible to receive up to 25 of these a day depending on how popular your job listing is. Recruiters can also send their listings to targeted groups in a bid to attract their interest. For more advanced job ads, a branded career website can be created, and in-person or virtual hiring events can be devised too.

Frustratingly for larger recruitment endeavors that tie perfectly into such hiring events, only up to five job postings can be created with no unlimited plan. Also, a single job post is only active for 30 days. If you’re looking for long-term recruitment needs, CareerBuilder may not be the one for your firm but it’s certainly extensive.


LinkedIn logo
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The professional networking site, LinkedIn, is a great place for recruitment. While it’s easy to assume it’s focused on merely helping people within your industry to network amongst themselves and share ideologies, it’s also a great place to find new employees who are strongly recommended by your peers. It’s structured much like a social network rather than a regular job site, but that makes it potentially easier for good candidates to stumble across you and your job ad.

LinkedIn can require a bit more effort than the average job site as it’s a good idea for both you and your company to have an active presence on the site. Networking leads to more people seeing your ads and potentially applying. Fortunately, posting such job listings is free although it can be useful to sign up for LinkedIn Recruiter to be allowed to post an unlimited number of jobs as well as access more than 20 advanced search filters. LinkedIn’s internal messaging system, InMail, also becomes available through this. The service also recommends suitable candidates and prioritizes the ones most likely to respond to your ad. Alternatively, there’s the Job Slots section which means you can place your job ad at the top of search results as well as within personalized job seeker emails for candidates that are likely to be a good match.

LinkedIn requires a little more work than your average job site, but it offers plenty of benefits. It’s a far more personal service that’s more likely to help you find candidates with a similar attitude to your other employees. It’s also a popular choice for more senior roles so if that’s what you’re looking to hire, you may find better results here than with dedicated job sites. Also, LinkedIn profiles tend to give you insight into not only someone’s resume but also other parts of their personality and other key things to know about someone. Recommendations from their colleagues are also listed.


Upwork logo.
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Upwork is designed to help you hire freelancers. If you’re looking to fill a role permanently, this isn’t the place to hire from. However, if you just need someone for contract work or even for a one-off job, Upwork is a great option. It’s one of the oldest freelance marketplaces online with millions of options. It works under a generic bidding marketplace scheme where you post what you need and freelancers compete to offer you the best price. All work is conducted remotely and it’s entirely free to post a job.

When it comes to paying the freelancer, a small transaction fee is taken but it works out fairly cheaply compared to other job sites. It’s also possible to boost your job posting for better visibility. Because of how Upwork conducts its services, it can take a bit of work to find the right candidate. There isn’t any AI to help you here and it all comes down to you weighing up who the best candidate is in your mind. Sometimes, the cheapest isn’t going to be it. There also isn’t any vetting process by Upwork but if you stick to dealing with clients through the site, there are payment protections in place to keep you safe from scams.

The advantage of Upwork is that it offers a truly huge selection of skills. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re going to find it here. It’s also typically much cheaper than other methods including if you had to hire someone using conventional means. If you’re trying to build up your freelance roster or simply need someone for a one-off task, Upwork has many advantages over a more traditional job site method, but you may find LinkedIn works better depending on the industry you’re working within.


SimplyHired logo.
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SimplyHired is a more limited job board but it offers some key benefits, most notably the fact it’s free to post a job and fees for other services are very low. If you’re a small business, this will be particularly beneficial while still giving you the ability to recruit from further afield than other free methods. Job posts are still shared across multiple job boards including Indeed so low fees aren’t too limiting.

A quick look at the site demonstrates that the standard of jobs is pretty high with a variety of white-collar jobs often the focus here and including anything from border patrol agent to a paralegal. Functionality is a little more limited here as it doesn’t have as advanced recruiting tools as other (pricier) options but the core options are here. That includes being able to see resumes, cover letters, and answers to personalized screening questions so you can eke out the most important elements quickly. While no AI does this for you, it does give you full control. From there, you opt to pay to reveal contact information before being able to customize email templates from interview requests right down to offer emails too.

One particularly neat feature for SimplyHired users is that it includes an applicant cost calculator. Enter what job title you’re looking to hire and your location and the tool tells you how much it’s likely to cost. If you’re on a budget with recruitment, it’s a far clearer method than other job sites that can be a little vague about how much it’s going to cost you. Only paying for the candidates you want to contact also keeps costs low.

See SimplyHired


The Flexjobs logo on a white background.
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Designed with remote and freelance workers in mind, Flexjobs is ideal for certain types of recruitment. If you need to hire someone remotely, Flexjobs is a very reliable bet. While it costs money for even freelancers to access, it’s safe as the site hand-screens every listing to check for legitimacy. Doing so gives your business an air of legitimacy as you’re guaranteed to be trustworthy to be listed here. That also means fewer ads but you’re certain to attract freelancers who are keen to look for work and with little to no risk of any issues developing.

Because it’s smaller, while you may see fewer candidates, it also means your firm stands out amongst a site with only a few thousand companies listed. It still offers some fairly high-end candidates too with a focus on those jobs that work well online and remotely such as web development, programming, and other technical skills. It’s possible to post unlimited job ads so if you’re looking for a lot of remote workers, you won’t be limited here.

While the focus is on remote and flexible working, it’s still possible to add scheduling requirements such as if you need certain areas to be undertaken or even if some travel is still required. While it’s not essential to enter a salary, it’s a good idea to ensure you stand out from the rest. There’s a different approach here to the likes of ZipRecruiter or Indeed but with online work continuing to be highly popular and there being significant advantages to the process, Flexjobs is ideal if you just need someone to help in a freelance capacity. You may well come across someone that simply wouldn’t look at traditional job search sites, and with the small fee involved, you’re more likely to find someone reliable and professional too.

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