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Best Prime Day Soundbar Deals 2022: What to expect in July

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The Prime Day 2022 dates have been confirmed for July 12 and July 13, which means there’s not long left before we see some fantastic soundbar deals among many other excellent sales. If you’re looking to save big on a new soundbar to enrich your home cinema setup, Prime Day is the ideal time to check out what’s available. You’re sure to be able to find some excellent soundbars for far less than you would normally pay. Read on while we take you through what to expect from the Prime Day soundbar deals this year.

When do the Prime Day soundbar deals start?

Prime Day deals officially begin on July 12 and July 13, however, we’re expecting to see some early Prime Day deals unfold before then and those could include soundbars.

The mid-July slot is a return to the traditional Prime Day sales time after two years of it being moved around. Back in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prime Day sales were moved to October with Prime Day 2021 occurring in June rather than July. Now, we’re back to the regular slot that marks Amazon’s birthday month thanks to the company being founded in July 1994.

Amazon confirmed the Prime Day 2022 date earlier in June and used that time to also announce that early Prime Day deals would happen. It also seems fairly likely that we could see some other major retailers get in on the act and launch their own sales around the same time. Simply put, any time from now until once Prime Day has ended is a good time to look out for Prime Day soundbar deals.

Where are the Best Prime Day Soundbar Deals?

In theory, the best Prime Day soundbar deals will be at Amazon, right? Yes and no. Of course, Prime Day itself is exclusive to Amazon and, crucially, Prime customers, but many other retailers also tend to run sales around the same time as Amazon has its Prime Day event.

In particular, retailers like Walmart and Best Buy are always keen to get in on the act and offer their own sales. In fact, both retailers often offer the best Prime Day TV deals around so it makes a lot of sense that we may see better Prime Day soundbar deals from these brick-and-mortar stores compared to Amazon.

Ultimately, for now, we can’t confirm exactly which retailer to check out which is why it’s important to keep an eye on all of them. Fortunately, we’re on hand to monitor the best Prime Day soundbar deals around throughout the potentially expansive time of year.

Should you buy a soundbar on Prime Day 2022?

Knowing whether you should buy a soundbar on Prime Day depends on two key factors — whether it’s the best time of year to do so and whether you actually need one.

When it comes to the best time of year, Prime Day is a pretty great time to buy any kind of technology. Amazon often focuses on highly sought after technology which includes soundbars. That means you should see some sweet discounts on a variety of different soundbars. Generally, the only sales that truly rival Prime Day are Black Friday and Cyber Monday — both of which involve waiting until much later in the year to see what’s out there. That goes the same for other retailers with Walmart and Best Buy typically offering some of their best prices this side of Black Friday. You also get the advantage of enjoying a soundbar now rather than having to wait months for the next best sale.

Do you need a soundbar? Well, only you know the answer to that. If you’re currently relying on your TV’s speakers, you almost certainly could do with a soundbar to upgrade the sound quality. While it’s not exactly an essential, it goes a long way to improving your home cinema or gaming experience and takes seconds to install and set up.

Soundbars cost from a little to a lot so it’s important to do your research. First of all, know how much you can afford when looking for a soundbar. From there, check out our look at the very best soundbars for some key insights. Our absolute favorite is the Sonos Arc but it’s far from cheap so you may prefer to look at the best soundbars under $500 instead. If you’re used to looking up TVs, you’ll notice some familiar names pop up like LG, Vizio, and Sony, so you should know what to expect here.

When it comes to immersive at-home audio, you can’t go wrong with Dolby Atmos so if you can afford to go for high-end, check out our look at the best Dolby Atmos soundbars for some great recommendations. Soundbars may look relatively small but they offer fantastic sound quality that truly fills the room.

Before you dive into a purchase, check that your future soundbar has the right inputs for your needs and focuses on the right kind of playback, too. Some are better for music while others focus on movie playback or even on providing you with clear dialogue. Also, consider if you need one that has voice assistant support or not and also consider if you want an all-in-one unit or one that has a separate subwoofer. It’s also useful to check that the soundbar will fit your space. For instance, if you have a wall-mounted TV, make sure there are mounting brackets on its back. Alternatively, simply check you’ve got the room to fit it somewhere else around the TV.

There’s a lot to take in here but that’s because a soundbar can make a huge difference to your listening experience. Even if you have a high-end TV, often there’s not much room for great audio because they have such thin panels, so you need a soundbar to bolster the sound quality and ensure the aural experience is as rich as the visual. By picking out the right soundbar for your home, you’ll gain greater enjoyment from what you’re watching or even if you’re playing games.

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