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These are the best cheap wireless mouse deals for August 2020

Is remote work a foreign concept to you? One great way to establish a healthy work-from-home routine is to set up a workspace. If you’re going to have your laptop positioned next to other external displays, you wouldn’t want to stretch across your desk to use your laptop’s internal touchpad, would you? That said, it would be best to invest in a wireless mouse. It’s more versatile and more comfortable to use than a touchpad, plus, there are no cables to drag things around your desk.

A good, cheap wireless mouse shouldn’t be hard to find, especially with so many retailers dropping prices on brand-name models. We’ve scoured the web and pooled together all the best wireless mouse deals along with a few buying tips to help you identify which one suits your needs best. You might also want to check our collection of home office deals and laptop deals if you are looking for more ways to gear up your workspace.

Today’s best wireless mouse deals

  • Logitech M330 Wireless Mouse$20, was $30
  • Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse$25, was $40
  • Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse$40, was $50
  • New Microsoft Arc Mous, Sage$55, was $80
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2$74, was $79

Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse

$35 $50
Expires soon
Whether you're on the battlefield or shuffling between meetings, bring your A-game with this Razer mouse. It flaunts a compact, ergonomic body and is optimized for both work and play.

HP X3000 Wireless Mouse

$15 $20
Expires soon
No more pulling and tugging with this wireless mouse. Its scroll wheel lets you zip through websites and documents with speed and ease, while its contoured shape ensures all-day comfort.

New Microsoft ARC Mouse – Sage

$63 $80
Expires soon
Perfect companion for your Windows 10 PC. Its overall design is optimized for the most comfortable, natural interaction. Ultra-slim and lightweight for easy storage and packing for travel.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

$43 $60
Expires soon
Convenient design that can be flattened for storage. It responds accurately to the speed of your finger movement to navigate through documents or web pages as quickly or as cautiously as needed.

Logitech M585 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse

$30 $40
Expires soon
If you want a mouse that can switch between two devices, even Mac and PC computers, then the Logitech M585 wireless mouse is exactly what you need, allowing you to maneuver to the other in a second.

Logitech G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse

$89 $100
Expires soon
Get the most out of your computer with the Logitech G604 wireless mouse, packed with six fully programmable thumb buttons and a multitude of other features to work and play as efficiently as possible.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

$14 $30
Expires soon
This wireless mouse uses BlueTrack technology that combines optical power with laser precision for remarkable tracking on virtually any surface. Ideal for both left- and right-handed usage.

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Optical Mouse

$87 $100
Expires soon
The best ergonomic mouse. It's supremely comfortable, intuitive, and easy to get to grips with. Logitech claims it can offer up to a 10% reduction in muscle strain with extended usage.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

$60 $100
Expires soon
If you want to maximize your efficiency, the Logitech MX Master wireless mouse is a great option with a thumb wheel and support and an insane eight programmable buttons for total control.

Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse

$20 $40
Expires soon
Sporting ultra-smooth cursor control, micro-precise scrolling, and super-long and reliable battery power, this compact wireless mouse screams control and optimal productivity.

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

$70 $100
Expires soon
The best wireless mouse. Designed with a precision sensor that tracks on virtually any surface. It has a speed-adaptive scroll wheel that auto-shifts from click-to-click to hyper-fast scroll.

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

$30 $40
Expires soon
The sculpted trackball of this mouse lets you work in comfort as it supports your hand and lets you rest your arm. Its Logitech Unifying tech allows for easy pairing with up to six compatible devices.

HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse, Black

$18 $22
Expires soon
Functional, portable, and fashionable. This mouse uses LED technology to work on a variety of surfaces, plus a 1,200-dpi optical sensor to deliver exceptional accuracy.

HP Z5000 Wireless Mouse, Dark Ash Silver

$27 $40
Expires soon
Perfect for left- and right-handed people, this mouse ensures reliable wireless operation without the need for a dongle. Easy navigation is assured in multiple operating systems.

Logitech M317c Wireless Mouse

$23 $30
Expires soon
Can't get enough of living in America? The Logitech M317c wireless mouse is an exposively lively mouse with a white shell painted with the American flag, perfect for the patriot at the computer.

Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse

$30 $40
Expires soon
Power through your workflow with the point-and-click precision, long battery life, and hand-friendly shape of this mouse. Its buttons can be customized to do exactly what you want.

Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Mouse

$29 $50
Expires soon
This mouse has a versatile scroll wheel that can switch from hyper-fast to precision click-to-click scrolling. It also features laser-grade tracking for smooth, responsive, precise cursor control.

HP X4000b Wireless Mouse

$27 $37
Expires soon
Capable of handling most computer functions with ease, the HP X4000b wireless mouse is equipped with laser-tight navigational precision to make your life easier than ever.

Lenovo Yoga Mouse

$60 $90
Expires soon
A fully functional mouse that adapts to any laptop. It can also transform into a remote control by twisting the device, perfect for presentations. Its battery is rechargeable.

Logitech M187 Mini Wireless Optical Mouse - Black

$13 $20
Expires soon
Comfortably navigate your computer with this mini wireless mouse. It features optical technology to provide precise control, plus a nano receiver that ensures reliable wireless operation.

Dell Multi-Device Wireless Mouse

$43 $60
Expires soon
Need to alternate between three devices simultaneously? Look no further than the Dell multi-device wireless mouse, capable of switching between multiple phones, tablets, and laptops in an instant.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Wireless, Rechargable) - Silver

$74 $79
Expires soon
With a light profile and optimized foot design, the Magic Mouse 2 tracks easier and moves with less resistance across your desk. It's also rechargeable, eliminating the use of traditional batteries.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Laser Mouse - Black

$60 $80
Expires soon
This Logitech wireless mouse is built for smooth and efficient navigation across multiple computer screens. It has the The Darkfield technology for easy tracking on metal, glass and cloth surfaces.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Optical Mouse - Black

$42 $50
Expires soon
This mouse has the Logitech Flow technology that can seamlessly control up to three computers. It also has a responsive scroll wheel and can be customized for easy usage.

Logitech G703 (Hero) Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse, Black

$70 $100
Expires soon
Designed for gaming, this mouse features a wireless design for freedom of movement, 1ms response time to prevent input lag, and an optical sensor for pinpoint accuracy.

Dell Wireless Mouse

$43 $57
Expires soon
Simple and clean, the Dell wireless bluetooth mouse is impeccably stylish while remaining as functional as any regular mouse. It can connect through Bluetooth and has a wheel-free scrolling function.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

$15 $30
Expires soon
Stay productive without missing a beat or disturbing the people around you. This mouse offers the same click feel without the click noise. Contoured grips made of soft rubber ensures total comfort.

A beginner’s guide to wireless mice

Wireless mice have evolved in a lot of ways and have caught up with wired counterparts. This means going cordless these days no longer entail compromising precision or restriction in reliability and responsiveness. And while all mice are simple, not all of them are created equal. That’s why it’s important to choose a mouse that will deliver the most comfort and flexibility depending on your needs, especially that’s it’s one of the most hands-on aspects of a computer.

Every mouse has a different type of sensor inside. Optical types use LED lights and are ideal for fabric mouse pads and other non-glossy materials. Laser options, on the other hand, are more sensitive and cause more variation in tracking. On the good note, they work best on just about any type of surface. Most mouse models utilize their own tech to ensure easy tracking on various surfaces such as metal, glass, and cloth.

Physical features like size, ergonomics, and grip are key factors as well in picking the right wireless mouse. A portable mouse is smaller and is perfect for travel, while a mouse meant for desktop usage is typically larger. Those who will be using a mouse for long periods of time and want to reduce hand and wrist strain will want to stick to an ergonomic mouse. This type conforms to the hand and enables users to hold their fingers, hands, and wrists at angles that are more comfortable. Grip comes in three types and choosing the best for you all boils down on whether you want to designate mouse movement on your palm, fingers, or your entire hand (by forming a claw).

For most users, a standard mouse — consisting of left and right buttons plus a scroll wheel — will do the trick. Most operating systems assign primary functions to the left button, such as clicking on-screen items and selecting objects, while secondary actions including opening menus are all designated to the right button. The scroll wheel usually sits in between the buttons, allowing users to easily navigate through websites and documents by scrolling up and down.

Mice made for more complex or specific functions have additional buttons built into them. These extra top and side buttons are designed for quick access to various special actions. In most cases, a multi-button mouse has a software that allows the customization and remapping of the buttons. This brings in a wide range of individualized functionality that promotes maximizing productivity and ease of usage.

LED lights are another extra feature and are mostly present in gaming mice. They offer a nice touch of flair, especially on in-game effects. A mouse with LED lights also normally comes with software for customizing the lighting so it matches with the games.

Other things to look out for when shopping for a wireless mouse involve extra conveniences and productivity-focused features. These include but are not limited to noise-free clicks, micro-precise, and hyper-fast scrolling, the ability to connect to up to several devices at once, and the capacity to be converted into a remote (perfect for presentations).

Do wireless mice need to be charged?

Some wireless mice use rechargeable batteries and need to be plugged in via a cable to juice up. There are also some models that use traditional replaceable batteries. Regardless of whether you prefer a mouse with rechargeable or replaceable batteries, the battery life depends on the model and the usage.

Are wireless mice waterproof?

Some are, some aren’t. There are models with sealed housing that can effectively block moisture and liquids from penetrating to protect the internal components from getting damaged. Mice specially designed for medical, marine, and factory applications are also usually waterproof and chemical-resistant for easier cleaning and disinfection.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

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