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This is the best air fryer deal we’ve seen in a long time

The 3.2-quart Farberware air fryer with fries in the open basket.

For those who need help in the kitchen, you’ll find it much easier to prepare meals for the family with the likes of Instant Pot deals and Ninja Foodi deals. You shouldn’t forget about air fryer deals though, as these cooking appliances make healthy and yummy dishes. If you’re planning to buy one, you should take advantage of Walmart’s offer for the 3.2-quart Farberware air fryer that slashes $42 off its original price of $99, making it even more affordable at just $57.

The best air fryers use little to no oil in cooking, as they use electric heat circulated by fans to make the surface of food crispy while keeping the inside moist. The 3.2-quart Farberware air fryer does the same thing, resulting in reduced fat and calories compared to traditional frying that utilizes immense amounts of oil. It’s not complicated to use the air fryer though, as the easy-to-use controls can set cooking time up to 30 minutes and temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a capacity of 3.2 quarts, the air fryer can prepare meals for the whole family. Once you’re done cooking, you can place the non-stick food basket in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. To help you maximize the air fryer, every purchase will come with a recipe book, to give you an idea of what the Farberware air fryer is capable of.

Once you purchase an air fryer, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get one. Here’s your chance to buy one for very cheap, as Walmart is selling the 3.2-quart Farberware air fryer for just $57, after a $42 discount to its original price of $99. It’s unclear how long the offer will last, and once it disappears, it might be gone for good. Don’t hesitate to click that Buy Now button to secure your own 3.2-quart Farberware air fryer for a very low price.

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