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Google Nest Mini vs. Amazon Echo Dot: Which Cyber Monday deal is better?

Do you have a preference between Google Assistant and Alexa? If not, choosing which smart speaker to buy can be incredibly difficult. Especially when both the Google Nest Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot are getting such great deals this Cyber Monday 2019. They’re both small, circular smart speakers with built-in assistants that can play music, answer questions and even tell jokes. While they almost seem interchangeable, there are some differences that can help you choose the best deal.

Price is probably your first, biggest concern. The Echo Dot’s price has been reduced from $50 to $22 for a total savings of $28. The Google Nest Mini went from $49 to $29. That’s $20 off. Echo Dot wins in the price challenge by just a narrow margin.

Wait, there’s more. If you want a smart speaker will a little extra, the Echo Dot with a built-in clock display usually sales for $60, but right now it’s only $35. That’s a savings of $25.

There’s also a lot of great bundle deals going on. Want to mix your Echo with some better home security, for instance? Amazon has the Ring Doorbell 2 bundled with the Dot for a total savings of $98. If you’re more of a television fan, the Fire TV Stick 4K bundle with Echo Dot is a great deal. Together, the bundle will save you $53. Though they aren’t scheduled to be back in until December 15, you can still save now on the Fire TV deal.

Google seems to have some great Cyber Monday deals for the Nest Mini, too, like the Nest Hello, Nest x Yale Lock, Nest Connect, with Google Home Mini bundle. You get all four of these popular Google devices for $70 off. At Best Buy you can get the Mini and the bigger Google Home speaker together for a savings of $79.

Other than price, the major difference between the two is that the Echo Dot connects to more devices than the Home Mini. If you’re more concerned with color, the Nest Mini comes in brighter color choices of coral, sky, charcoal, and chalk, while Echo Dot comes in more subdued sandstone, plum, heather gray, and charcoal. For more on how these two smart speakers differ, check out our review of Google Home Mini versus Amazon Echo Dot.

Want more deals? Check out the best Cyber Monday deals on Alexa, Google Nest Hub and Echo Show, and Ring Video Doorbell deals.

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